New Makeup at Nordstrom Rack Haul: STILA COSMETICS

I was just browsing as I usually do at nordstrom rack today (I have 3 located by me, so I am lucky) and I always pay close attention to the makeup section, because you just never know what you may find. As I walked into that section of the store, my eyes were immediately drawn to this display of all stila cosmetics products. These products from stila were just released for the holiday season this year. I couldn’t believe that they were already discounted so much from the normal retail price. Some of the products were marked half off retail price! Wow, I couldn’t believe it, maybe this collection didn’t sell as well as they thought, so somehow nordstrom rack was able to purchase it. Please note, I have no idea how nordstrom rack works or gets their products. These products are still available on sephora’s website as well, they are discounted as well, but not priced as low as these are at nordstrom rack that’s for sure! Great deal that’s for sure, considering that this is a high end, popular brand in the makeup up world. I have many stila products and love them all, great brand, and quality. Stila was one of my first high end purchases years ago, when I started my makeup collection. If you are lucky enough to have a nordstrom rack in your area then be sure to consistently check out the makeup section, because they have high end brands of makeup all the time, and they are always changing, and getting new products in. Maybe you will get lucky, and find something you have been wanting. Sometimes their products are older than what is offered in the normal stores like ulta and sephora. Sometimes it works in your favor to save a lot of money off the regular retail prices. My favorite is the set of lip glosses, there are so many in the set, and are beautiful colors, and highly pigmented as well, can’t wait to start using everything! Here is what I was able to grab up from nordstrom rack. Good luck finding these, and other great finds!

image 2image 3 image 4image


Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty.

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10 thoughts on “New Makeup at Nordstrom Rack Haul: STILA COSMETICS

  1. I just discovered Nordstrom Rack’s beauty section and I am beyond impressed all the time. I just went the other day and they didn’t have all this stila (bummer) but they had a ton of lorac so I ended up buying their royal holiday collection, afterglow palette, and a lipgloss kit and I am pretty excited. Thanks for sharing this I will be keeping my eyes open at my local Nordstrom 🙂

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