Influenster Target C9 Champion Sports Bra VirtualVox Box


OMG! I was so lucky enough to get the virtualvox box from Target for the C9 champion bra! I literally paid $6 for this amazing bra! If you are unfimiliar with influenster it is a reviewing company, and am amazing one at that! I have recieved several free or discounted products from influenster, I have been a member for a about 2 years, and love them!!! It is totally free to join, if you would like a link or would like to join and recieve amazing products to review please comment down below, and I would be happy to email it to you:) iIt is hands down the best review website company there is that’s for sure, I highly recommend them! They have a huge variety of brands that they work with, and some very high end beauty brands, it all just depends on what you get with how active you are on the website, and on social media, etc. defintely worth signing up for, because you never know what you could qualify for to review! 

This vox box is a little different because it is a virtual box, meaning they don’t actually send you the product for review. I did recieve a coupon discount code for 40% off either the  power core or power shape sports bra from C9 champion at target. I went into my local store to redeem the coupon, and to my surprise, the bras were already on sale for $10 each, yeah I’m so glad I waited a little while to redeem it! So, with the coupon it brought the bra down to $6, incredible value that’s for sure! I have purchased sports bras, underwear, clothing, and socks from this brand, I really do think they are very high quality, and defintely comparable to more expensive brands. I was happy with the cute designs, and cute colors they had available. I do have to mention that the store display was a bit confussing though, because there were so many different types, and styles to choose from, but hey that’s not a bad thing right? There is defintely something for everyone, and all different support types as well, which is wonderful by the C9 brand by target. The sports bra I chose was the power core compression racerback sports bra. 

The sports bra by C9 champion from target is a great option for those who are looking for a quality, comfortable sports bra at an affordable option. This brand truly does compare to more expensive brands, I couldn’t believe it, the design especially looks exactly like some other well known expensive brands, I mean exactly, it’s tough to even tell the difference! Seems almost to good to be true, but it’s not, this brand is amazing, love everything, I want more from the line, everyone loves great dupes right? 

Here are some details about the bras, specifically the sports bra that I choose from the website. I chose this style because I was looking for a wireless sports bra, beacuse I don’t need wires, or that much support, and this style is just my preferance for comfort. I think the racer style back is very cute, and stylish as well, it adds a great design aspect to the bra. I usually tend to stick with medium support bras because that’s really all I need, and a pullover style, instead of a clasp closure back, again just for comfort. Overall, I really love this bra, and how comfortable, and cute it is, I defintely think it’s a great price even at the $16.99 regular price. I am so glad I got the opportunity to try it out, I quickly became a fan, and feel in love with this bra that’s for sure! If you have any doubt, check out the reviews on these sports bras, or anything from the C9 champion line, everything from the line at target have amazing reviews!! Give C9 champion a try! 

Front & Back:

The C9 Champion® Women’s Power Core® Sports Bra provides medium support and a compressive fit. Wicking fabric stretches to move with you and dries fast to keep you cool.
Sizing: Women
Bra Cup Style: Sports
Underwire Type: wireless
Material: 87 %: Polyester, 13 %: Spandex,
Back Style: Racer
Closure Style: Pullover
Sheerness: Opaque
Care and Cleaning: Hand wash, cold, Do not use fabric softener, Non chlorine bleach when needed, Tumble dry, normal, no heat, Iron, low, Do not dry clean
Support Level: medium impact

If you would like to join Influenster please comment down below so I can send you the link:)


Health Update (from my heart): My Story- Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism




Hi there my lovies!!! I do realize that I have really neglected both this blog, and my youtube channel, and I apologize, as I mentioned briefly in my last blog post 2 months ago, wow has it really been that long? I have been having some health issues. Well, I am finally ready to talk about it, so I am going to share in this post. I think it will help me with coming to terms with what is going on, and maybe help spread the awareness to others. I feel like even if I spread the word, even just a little, I could help others, so I am going to try my best to keep this, and future posts open, and honest as a sort of way of my expressions, and feelings regarding my health. I also would love any feedback / suggestions/ guidance/ support that others have, and very much welcome your comments, and communication with me. Okay, so I have to mention the irony in my being a butterfly lover, and the disease that I am now diagnosed with, who would have thought huh? I sure as heck wouldn’t have!!!😦

I feel like I am learning so much through researching that honestly it is a bit overwhelming, but I know there is so much more to learn, and know that change will take time, and some getting used to. I think it’s a good idea to start from the beginning, because I think that’s always a good place to start, so I am going to go with that, thank you for reading, I truly appreciate each, and every one of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart:)

Alright, I can’t write this blog without a little scientific explanation, and reasoning, I have done so much research I feel like my head is going to explode, and there is so much more to know. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is attacked by a variety of cell- and antibody-mediated immune processes, causing primary hypothyroidism. It was the first disease to be recognized as an autoimmune disease. In essence, my hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto’s disease. I know it doesn’t really make sense, but when you have hashimoto’s disease, you kind of have both, or there is a reason for your hypothyroidsm. The thyroid gland is part of your endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of your body’s activities. Yep, you read that correct, it affects EVERYTHING……great right? Your thyroid gland is pretty darn important, and plays a vital role in your body. If your thyroid is not functioning properly you may or may not even know it, until it gets so severe (like mine) you know something is wrong.


I am going to start with how I knew something was wrong. It all began about 8 months ago, wow writing that seems like a long time that I was dealing with it that’s for sure, it began with what I thought was depression, and anxiety, and just pure exhaustion on a daily basis, I was loosing tons of hair, my skin was dry, I was always freezing cold, overly puffy face, poor hearing, I had a hard time concentrating, I gained 10 pounds, I was depressed, had horrible heavy periods, my bowels were different, sorry TMI on those, trying to be honest here, I could go on, I had every symptom for the most part. I went to the doctor, feeling so fed up, and done with the way I was living for so many months, and we both decided that putting me on an anti depression medication would help, no other tests were done, and I really thought that the medication was the answer, boy was I ever wrong.

Let me just say that yes, I believe in western medicine, and although I do know that not everyone will agree with me, and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and opinions, including myself, I just wanted to put it out there, as I continue this journey, I truly hope to not offend anyone. Anyways, I was on the medication for 7 months, and it really wasn’t helping, even with an increase in dosage, I saw little to no results, or improvement. I continued, and I got to the point where enough was enough, and back to the doctor I went 2 months ago. I was so incredibly exhausted every day, emotionally drained, and depressed. I knew, deep in my heart that something was wrong. I was at my doctors appointment, and I mentioned, hey I am really, really tired everyday, like I can barely get through the day tired, and have some other symptoms that I would like to discuss with you as well, so I realized, and wanted tests to be ran to really try and figure out what was going on. That day a ton of blood tests were ran, I honestly thought to myself, everything will be fine, I’m healthy, I have nothing to worry about. After a few days, I got the test results, well sure enough my thyroid wasn’t functioning at optimal levels, my heart sunk, tears started running down my face, and honestly didn’t know what to feel, or what to think. I was glad to have answers, but sad knowing what the future holds as well. My diagnoses wasn’t confirmed, my doctor wanted to take additional tests to confirm it just in case, so more tests that day were done, good thing I don’t mind needles I tell ya. A day went by, and I tried not to think about it, or stress myself over it until I knew for sure. Well, my doctor confirmed that I had hypothyroidism, and my levels were very low sadly. I won’t get into the specific tests that were done, because well, they are personal, and if in the future I feel comfortable sharing then I definitely will, but for now, I will just keep those aspects of my health brief, but I am also going to mention that I have low levels of Vitamin D,Vitamin B, and Iron as well, and am now on supplements for those being so low to help regulate them to more normal levels. Later, I was told that I have Hashimoto’s, and that it is causing my hypothyroidism. I thought to myself, great it just keeps getting better…… I was so glad that my Mom went with me to that appointment that’s for sure, her support has continued to be amazing, thanks Mom (and Dad too) I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive family that’s for sure.

The appointment that day felt like it lasted hours, seriously I was like a sponge absorbing so much information, and knowledge, I felt like I couldn’t get enough, yet it was so difficult to take all in, and know that this will be a new lifestyle that I will have to get used to. My doctor recommended several things as far as diet, and lifestyle changes, taking a daily medication, fitness, maintaining good sleep, stress level control, etc. I knew this was all going to be totally different for me, and to be honest, I still haven’t really focused on most of these, or truly worked hard on them since getting diagnosed. She was really pushing a paleo diet, ummm this girl can’t live without dairy, or bread, seriously I just can’t, but I am cutting back a lot, and eating better, but I have to remind myself that I’m not perfect, and changes take time, and to hang in there, all I can do is make the effort. (I need to be better about remembering those) Just taking the medication every day is not enough, I wish it was that easy, but over the past 2 months it is proving that the changes all need to happen, and be in place for me to get better, and maintain this disease, only I can choose to change, I know that. I have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks, I’m interested to see how my levels are doing, and what else can be done to maintain, I am also wanting to get a referral to an endocrinologist as well, for more information, etc. I really want to see my symptoms improve, especially because it’s the best time of the year outside here in Oregon right now, sun just makes me happy, and am so thankful for the wonderful kids in my life that I get to enjoy it with as well every day! I just want to be able to have enough energy to truly appreciate, and enjoy everything.


I wanted to end this with thanking you for reading, and coming along with me on this journey, I know it will be good for me to write about it, I will try and post updates monthly if not bi- weekly to keep everyone updated, etc. Please feel free to share this post, and leave comments, I always respond to every comment posted. I am hoping to now finally be back in the blogging community, but just expanding my focus on not just beauty, and subscription boxes, etc, but throwing in some lifestyle, and adventure posts like this one as well, I am excited about this beautiful weather to come, I hope all of you are enjoying some sunshine (or snow) as well!! Thanks for your thoughts, and continued support. New blog posts are coming, so stay tuned!:)


New Makeup At Sephora & Life Update 1/29/16



Hello there my loves!! I hope you all have been good, and life has been treating you well! I know I decided to take some  time off, I went to Las Vegas for a work trip, and fun, and just needed some time to deal with some things I have been dealing with in my life, so I really appreciate your patience, and keep me in your thoughts please, thank you so much, I am hoping things will start to get better, and become normal again. I am hoping to find more time for things that I enjoy again, and not be so exhausted all the time, and get back to life, a happy life. So ya, I will try and do my best, and get back into blogging, and vlogging, thank you for sticking with me, and showing my blog, and youtube channel continued love! I can’t believe January is already said, and done, that went by so incredibly fast!!! Happy makeup shopping everyone, remember to make someone smile today, because you never know what they are struggling with:)


Nars: Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette


Make Up For Ever: Artist Palette Vol. 3- Florals


Kevyn Aucoin: Essential Starter Kit


Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Definer


Stila: Aqua Glow Serum Foundation

s1778000-main-hero-300.jpg s1777952-main-hero-300

Clinique: Lid Pop

s1777598-main-hero-300.jpg  s1777580-main-hero-300.jpg s1777606-main-hero-300

YSL: Touche Eclat Neutralizers


Tarte: Tartelette Tease


Guerlain: Rose Aux Joues Blush


Urban Decay: UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette


Becca: Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation


Hourglass: Ambient Strobe Lightening Powder


Kat Von D: Shade + Light Two Tone Blush


Givenchy: Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick


Dinoplatz: Triceratops Multi-Face Palette


Givenchy: Le Prisme Blush Powder Blush


Urban Decay: UD Gwen Stefani Brow Box


Urban Decay: UD Gwen Stefani 24/7 Glide- On Lip Pencil


Urban Decay: UD Gwen Stefani Lipstick


Clinique: Kiss, Boom, Pop! Lip Set

Thanks for reading, let me know if you picked up anything new lately, or any of these new at sephora items! I just picked up the blush palette, I will be doing a full review on it, the colors, and pigmentation are amazing, the colors are so unique, and beautiful! I think I am also going to get one of the urban decay’s Gwen Stefani lipsticks, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, me, and gold just go so perfectly together, I need it in my life!!:)

(No idea where my normal one went)

yepbflyreneeChannel Art Template (Fireworks)


Nars *Steven Klein* Collection Review


Hello there loves!! I do realize that I am a bit late on the game on this, I honestly planned to do this post like a month ago, I put it all in a pile, and no joke forgot about it!! WHAT? Ya, that happened, #makeuphoarderproblems LOL. So, I was organizing, and was SO happy when I found it all yeah, now I can finally start using all of these BEAUTIFUL products from cars, YES girls, YES! This collection was one of the most beautiful, and useable collections that I have seen from nars, when I saw the sneak peaks, and new I wanted it all, okay, yes I was dreaming…… but I knew there were definitely some that were must haves for me! I went ahead and bought the ones that I really wanted, and am SO glad that I did, they are all absolutely amazing, the colors are perfect. My favorite thing about the collection is the super cool packaging, the design is so modern, fun, and full of character, which I love! Were you able to pick up anything from the collection? I know a lot is still available, try finding these on sephora, nordstrom, and the nars website directly, some of these are nordstrom exclusives as well. I highly recommend the eyeshadow single in “stud” it is stunning, and is so unique, the shadow blends magically, and is super pigmented, and buttery, you will love anything from the collection though as I do! Nars quality is simply amazing, it will always be one of my all time favorite brands! I am going to review the items that I purchased from the collection fyi, it was a large collection! 


François Nars and Steven Klein come together with design legend Fabien Baron to create an exquisite fantasy played to extremes.
“Steven is an iconic fashion photographer. His work defies the rules of photography—it’s arresting and provocative. It pushes boundaries and elicits a reaction. I like that. He perfectly embodies the spirit of NARS.” —François Nars, Founder & Creative Director

“I’ve always had the highest regard for François’ work. He is the pioneer of moving from one of the greatest makeup artists to creating great makeup. It is super exciting for me to collaborate using my photographs and joining them with his cosmetic genius.” —Steven Klein, Photographer



Seven shades for having your way with cheeks. Four blushes, a contouring duo, and a glowing Laguna bronzer bring color in full force.

  • Dolca Vita Plum
  • Luster Peach
  • Robotic Soft pink
  • Blasphemy Coral
  • Paloma Contouring Duo
  • Laguna Bronzer


  • Mortal Iridescent pearl white
  • Stud Soft pewter bronze
  • Never Too Late Olive green with gold shimmer



  • Vengeful White-gold highlight / Shimmering brick-red



  • Studly Gold
  • Stag Film Taupe
  • Subra Burgundy
  • Blackmail Black
  • Via Veneto Black






Birchbox December Beauty Subscription Box


Hello, hello, hopefully everyone is having a great weekend! I can’t believe that yet another year has gone by, time just goes by way to quickly it seems lately, I feel like the older I get the faster it goes, who’s with me on that? LOL, anyways, here is my birchbox for the month of December, yep it’s a bit late, but life was busy for the holidays, and I am playing catch up as usual, so please forgive me! I am really loving birchbox lately, it seems every box brings something new, and awesome for me to try! The value of each box is great as always as well. I highly recommend birchbox, it is most definitely one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes, pretty sure I will be a subscriber forever lol! If you would like to join birchbox please use my link below, I would ghastly appreciate it. Let’s dive right into this month’s birchbox, it was a pretty good one! My favorite item in this box is the Serge Normant dream big instant volumizing spray, it works incredibly well, and truly is volumizing even to my thick, oily hair! It is definitely a great, luxurious spray, that feels very luxe, and fancy! What did you get in your birchbox? I am always so curious as to what everyone else got!! Video review will be posted below from my channel, please be sure to check it out! Thx! 

Join Birchbox Here

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.54.51 PM

****Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream****


****Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray****


****Coastal Scents® styleEYES Palette****


****(MALIN+GOETZ) clarifying clay mask****


****theBalm® cosmetics Frat Boy® Blush/Shadow****




New Makeup At Sephora


Hello to all of you, and Happy New Year!! I hope you are all having a great start to 2016, I feel like this year has really gone by fast, and it doesn’t even seem like it’s really 2016, and a fresh new year, I guess it’s time to work on those New Year’s resolutions, I normally don’t think New Year’s is a big deal to be honest, but for some reason, this year, I think is going to be like a great year, I can feel it! Anyways, lets get back to the post, here, yes a day late are this weeks new at sephora makeup items, there are some good ones that’s for sure! Let me know what your eyeing, or what you definitely will be getting! Have a great rest of your weekend! 


Benefit Cosmetics: Shy Beam Matte Liquid Highlighter


Sephora Collection: Glitter Happy Brush Set


Fresh: Suga(RED) Lip Treatment


Tarte: Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette


Sephora Collection: Kissing Stories 8 Glossy Lip Pencils


Clinique: Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm


Smashbox: Photo Finish Primer Oil


Bare Minerals: Beauty Refresh 5 Piece Set


Marc Jacobs: Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara


Too Faced: Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo


Too Faced: Melted Chocolate


Too Faced: Mr. Right The Perfect Powder Brush


Laura Mercier: Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation


Buxom: Eyeshadow Bar Suede Seduction Palette


Smashbox: Insta Matte Lipstick Transformer


Smashbox: Brow Tech Shaping Powder





Walmart Beauty Box WINTER $5 Box


Hello there!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday! I had a great one, I received the best present our family could ask for, we were surprised with a great visit from my brother, and nephew. I am one of 6, and have 3 nephews as well, so this was so great to have all of us together with our parents, it couldn’t get better than that! It was a happy surprise, I was SO in tears! I took a little break from everything, so I could focus on my family, and work, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things with the new year! Today I am bringing you the, “Walmart Beauty Box” is a quarterly sample box which is FREE, all you do is just pay $5 for the shipping and handling. It is not my favorite beauty box obviously, but it’s a always a great value, and way to sample out new products that are being launched in the market, that are affordable prices. I have been a subscriber to walmart beauty box for over a year, and really enjoy it! Once you sign up, they automatically withdraw payment, and send you the box, which is nice, I really wish that target beauty box did the same, but oh well, those are definitely harder to come by, and they sell out SO FAST, so when I get this box in the mail, it is always a nice little surprise! If you want a sampling experience for items you can buy at Walmart, this is your box, like I said, it is a great value for what your getting, the coupons alone are worth the price of $5! I also love trying out new products, so this is always fun! Check out the video below for a better look at this box as well! 

If you would like to subscribe please go to (not a referral link) 



(values are approximate)

*Goody Slide proof 8 Soft Touch Silicone Elastics ($4.00)

*Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser ($.90)

*Dial 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion ($1.00)

Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner ($1.00)

*Nspa by Nirvana Spa Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter ($3.75 on Amazon, $1.37 at Walmart)

*Pantene Pro-V Style Series Extra Strong Hold Hairspray: This product appears to be no longer on the market and has been replaced by Pro-V Stylers Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray ($1.00)

*Pure Silk Rich & Luxurious Shave Cream – Raspberry Mist (83¢ on

*Centrum Vitamints (23¢)

*A sample of Jennifer Aniston the Fragrance ($3 coupon), Loreal Paris True Match $1 Coupon, Cover Girl Star Wars booklet with $3 off 2 eye products coupon, and $3 off any one Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer, plus a tone perfecting cream sample (25¢).

The Subscription: Walmart Beauty Box
The Description: Each new season brings different product needs and a reason to refresh your beauty cabinet. In your Walmart Beauty Box, you’ll find sample beauty products and tips on how to use those and other items sold at Walmart and on Receiving your Walmart Beauty Box will be another reason to welcome each new season.
The Price: $5 per quarter

What do you think of this box? Is it something you would subscribe to? Remember that it’s quarterly, so only 4 boxes a year, which is kinda good, because it’s nice that they are spread out a bit! I recommend giving this box a try!