HIGH end beauty Las Vegas outlet shopping haul *Tom Ford, NARS, Burberry, Estee Edit*


Hello, hello lovies. Good day to all of you, okay, it’s night time when I am writing this post, but yes, it will be morning when this is posted 🙂 I hope your day is going wonderful so far, hopefully my day will be awesome as well. I mentioned in my last post yesterday that I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas, and had a great time, sunshine, pooltime, great food, and amazing shopping deals, are always so fun, right? My gosh, this was a great time this time, I really needed some sunshine, and pooltime to relax, but I got so damn sunburnt that I had to take a little break from the pools, and go shopping, my second favorite thing to do in Las Vegas besides the pool! Shopping is always so different in Las Vegas, because you just never know! I decided to try the North (in downtown Las Vegas) outlet mall this time, next time when I go in June, I want to go again to the North, but also want to see what is at the South, I also didn’t have time to do any other shopping this time, so gotta make more time for that next time as well! I am all about finding good deals!! I found some amazing deals on makeup this time, yeah!!! I couldn’t believe it, I was literally SO freaking excited when I saw there was a bare minerals store in the outlet, and a cosmetics company store as well, yeah!! I walked in to both of these stores, and almost cried lol, oh joys of a makeup lover lol! So anyways check out everything I got!! I will post the prices I paid as well just so you all know, what kind of amazing shopping deals you can get at these types of outlet stores in Las Vegas, so totally worth the trip, p.s. I took the bus from Bellagio, where I stayed to get there, it was definitely the way to save money, and travel while in Las Vegas, highly recommend it! Please let me know your favorite thing from my haul, I am curious to know, my favorite thing was both of the Tom Ford items, that bronzer/highlighter duo is LIFE, I saw it, and freaked out, so so beautiful my gosh yes!! These are my first 2 Tom Ford items in my collection, fyi, they are full of luxury, and elegance that’s for sure, simply stunning, and so is the price tag, lol, even at outlet prices!! I splurged, it’s always good to treat yourself every once in a while, why is makeup so beautiful, and pretty? LOL! Enjoy my haul! You can live through me, and my bad shopping habits! 🙂 Oh, and I do want to mention that Bare Minerals offers a free birthday gift (the full size eyeshadow) for your birthday, mine was April 14th, and I am a member because I am a Bare Minerals junkie, lol, so I got that for free! Also, the store was having an additional percent off because it was the weekend, so I really got great deals, I don’t know if they do this on non weekend’s though, so you may just get lucky like I did! The cosmetics company store was doing an additional 1/2 off everything in the store except Tom Ford, but that’s okay, they were still great prices! 

Tom Ford Bronzer/Highlighter Duo: $54

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Duo: $42

Burberry Eyeshadow: $16.24

Burberry Lipstick: $18.48

Burberry Lip Gloss: $15.97

Nars Laguna bronzer: $37.96

Nars Eyeshadow: $16

Nars Eyeshadow: $16

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow: FREE

Estee Edit Kendall Eyeshadow Palette: $16.50


Thanks for reading, and checking out my Las Vegas shopping haul! Happy shopping lovies! 



Goodwill/Thrift Haul For April 2017

PicMonkey Image

Hello hello lovies!! I hope you are all having a fantastic day, and are ready for another goodwill/thrift haul!! This is everything that I purchased at Goodwill in the last month, the month of April, I say this every time, but I got some amazing stuff this month, and am so lucky to have found what I have! I honestly never know what I may find, and it’s always a chance, or a risk, but So worth while looking, and sometimes I come out with a a lot, a few, or nothing, you never know what you will find, it’s the hunt that is my favorite! I look at it like a treasure hunt, never knowing what I may find, it’s a ton of fun, but I have always been this way, I love finding good deals, and treasures, but who doesn’t right? I am continuing to do this blog series, as it seems like I am getting a lot of positive feedback, and you are all enjoying it! I appreciate your continued support in this series, and checking out, and sometimes being jealous of my finds, hey I am jealous of the people that was able to find even cooler stuff then me, for example, in this haul, I went into my local goodwill, and the woman (all the employees know me) said, oh ya, we had a bunch of Urban Decay stuff, but they are gone already, I almost died, lol, I got the 2 that were left, they were priced at $2.99 each, yes they are bright purple, but come on I couldn’t pass them up!! So ya, I know how it feels for sure, I can’t go every day, lol, although some people definitely do! So, I always feel fortunate to find such amazing stuff when I do go! Like I have said, I go to about 6 different stores in my area, I am so lucky to have so many so close to me, and live in a very eco-friendly, recycle friendly city/state, yes Oregon is seriously the best, and am so thankful I live in this beautiful state!! I will link below my other goodwill hauls I have done, and ps, I don’t even share everything that I purchase, like clothes, etc, because somethings are just to hard to photograph lol! I hope you enjoy my finds, if you are curious on prices that I paid on anything just ask! 🙂 Here are my favorite things this month that I found! What do you think? What is your favorite? Below is a list of my favs, make sure you come back around the same time next month for more awesome stuff I found at goodwill!! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Swan clutch (how cute is this, I’m in love) paid $3.99 

Urban Decay 2 lipsticks (bright purple colors, but who cares) paid $2.99 each

Clear plastic thread travel bag pouch (I looked this up because it was so unique, and it retails for $78, what? it’s a piece of art, and from an exclusive designer) paid $2.99

Reef shoes (my gosh these are so cute, I literally own over 20 pairs of reef flip flops, yes I grew up in Florida on the beach, even though I live in Oregon now, I thought this cute were so cute, they were in my size, and brand new!) paid $7.99

Starbucks Portland, Oregon water bottle (what a find, these are part of the travel series, and wanted this in store, this is brand new, so cool, love it) paid $2.99

Blue quartz stone bookends (I have always wanted a set of these but they are always so expensive, I love these, so pretty) paid $2.99 each 

Butterfly clay jewelry box (I mean this was meant for me to find, it’s so perfect, and cute, I love handmade stuff, and anything butterfly) paid $3.99

Oh Joy (from target) salad server set, and appetizer forks (as you may have seen in my previous posts, I am obsessed with this line from target, and have found so much of it for cheap at goodwill) paid $9.99 & paid $4.99

The body shop bath set in british rose (I freaked out when I saw this, jumped for joy, lol, all brand new, and smells amazing) paid $3.99

Avon set of 2 jars (so so so cute, I had to have them for my vanity, I love vintage avon, and collect them, these are little jars, I love them) paid $2.99 & paid $1.99 

Sephora pantone lipstick (this was the same day I found the urban decay lipsticks, it’s a pretty pink color, and was new in box, no longer available at sephora, the makeup junkie in me had to have it, although it wasn’t “cheap”) paid $9.99

Goodwill March Haul

Goodwill Haul February

Goodwill Haul January

Goodwill Haul


Huge Goodwill/Thrift Shopping Haul January


Hello lovies!! I hope you are all doing well, and enjoying 2017 so far. I apologize for being kind of mia lately. I went on a week long vacation to Las Vegas, and came back to crazy busy life as usual, and am just now starting to get back into the groove again! We also had a crazy snow storm here, which was so unexpected, as we never get much snow in Oregon, it didn’t melt for a week, it was pretty unbelievable! Well during that time, goodwill was getting stocked up of all the goodies, just waiting for me to find, lol! Let me introduce you to a new series I am going to be doing on my blog monthly. I will be doing a goodwill shopping haul, and share with you all the good goodwill deals I was able to find for the month. I have made a few haul videos on my youtube channel in the past, and they were pretty popular, so I thought it would be really fun to share with all of you every month! I have also in the past done some of these same types of blog posts, just search goodwill, and you should be able to find them! I can also link them if you want to check them out! I think goodwill shopping is so fun, I enjoy the thrill of finding good bargains, and amazing deals, I also have actually since I was a little girl, I used to love going to garage sales, and flea markets in the south growing up, and I have always loved searching for sales, and clearances, oh what fun!! Now, let me tell you, I have been shopping at goodwill for years, and over the years I have found some really amazing things, sometimes to good to be true things, but really it is true, and I am always shocked, and very thankful to have found these treasures! The whole thrill, and fun for me is never knowing what I will find! I also want to mention that, sometimes I purchase brand new items, vintage items, and gently used items. I mostly shop for the brand new items. In Oregon, we have the top goodwill stores in the nation, and it’s a million dollar industry here. I have about 10 stores in my area that I shop regularly, so I just wanted to put it out there that I don’t find everything at the same store, or at the same time. I am simply sharing with you what I find throughout the month. I also want to let you all know the big ticket items that I search for every month are brand new items that Target donates. Most everything this month is from Target donations, brand new items that has somehow been acquired by goodwill from Target. Are you excited, and intrigued? Want to know more, and what I paid for all these goodwill finds? Well let’s jump right into it! 

Goodwill Haul Post

Goodwill Haul Post


The list & prices of everything I found at Goodwill for the month of January: Left to Right

FitBit Alta $145 ($14.99)

Dafni Hair Straightner $159 ($14.99)

Camelback Water Bottle $12.99 ($1.99)

Butterfly Handbag $unknown ($12.99)

BioSilk Hair Therapy $39.99 ($6.99)

Ardelle Brow Shapers x3 $5.99 ($1.99)

Bath & Body Works Candle $5.99 ($.99)

Revlon Liquid Lipstick x2 $9.99 ($1.99) 

Sonia Kashuk Brush $7.99 ($1.99)

Loreal Concealer Stick $9.99 ($.99)

Loreal Lip Liner $7.99 ($.99)

Clarisonic Brush Head $19.99 ($4.99)

Boots Shower Gel x3 $12.99 ($.99)

Batiste Dry Shampoo x2 $9.99 ($2.99)

Pura Vida Bracelet $unknown ($.99)

Dabny Lee Pen $unknown ($2.99)

Toms Shoes $59.99 ($9.99)

Oh Joy Bar Set $19.99 ($6.99)

Paddywax Candle $19.99 ($2.99)

Bath & Body Works Candle Holder $9.99 ($1.99)

Amazing deals right? I know!! 🙂 How do you feel about thrift shopping? What’s the coolest item you have ever found? I have to many favorites to list, my favorite this month was definitely the butterfly handbag, it’s cheezy, but it’s perfect for me obviously, and the fit bit was an amazing deal, as with the hair straightener!! Thank you so much for reading, be sure to check back soon, and every month mid month for more goodwill finds! 


Black Friday Sephora Shopping Haul!



Hello, hello lovies!! Happy snow day, well for me here in Oregon it’s a snow day, we got some snow last week, but it wasn’t a lot, and didn’t stick, but today later it is supposed to really accumulate, all the schools in the area are already closed in preparation for it, I tell ya, they over worry lol! Better to be safe I guess though. I love snow, so it will be fun, but it’s SO cold! I am nice and cozy warm inside catching up on blogging today, keeping my goal of posting 5 times a week until Christmas! I hope you are all getting some snow as well as keeping cozy, and warm. Let’s jump right into today’s blog!

Today I am sharing with you as a sort of follow up post with what I purchased on black Friday. I posted my want list the day of Thanksgiving, thank you for all your love on that post, it was fun seeing what you all were interested in as well, and what you planned on purchasing. Oh black Friday is SO fun, and you get the best beauty deals, which is awesome! I do have to admit for a beauty blogger, I didn’t go crazy like I had planned, and could have. I knew that a few other online stores were also having black Friday sales, so I also placed orders elsewhere like Elf cosmetics, Colourpop, and Nordstrom. I did get some great deals at Sephora, I just placed my order online, because let’s be real, it’s way easier then to fight the craziness in store, and since I am a rouge, and have free shipping, why not, it’s just easier! I really had my eye on these kits, and am so glad, and thankful that I was able to grab them, I love them all! So today, I am just sharing my sephora haul, more hauls are coming soon though! Did you get anything from the black Friday sales? What did you get? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know! Thanks! Sorry, unfortunately most of these are sold out, but if you look in store you may be able to find some, I recently saw some at a inside JCPenny sephora store, good luck 🙂

Sephora $10

Buxom $10

Tarte $10

Clean $10




TJmaxx & Marshalls Shopping Haul #2

Oh boy lovies, do I have a haul for you today! Thank you for checking out my first haul last Friday! This week it’s time for the rest of it! Yeah, right? It is so fun to shop for good deals, there is always good finds at my Tjmaxx’s & Marshalls, I feel very lucky, that’s for sure, but I do follow the hash tags on instagram as well, so I know what to keep my eyes open for, and most of the time, if I search hard enough, and hit it right, I find them! The makeup selection during the holidays is always the best, but I save up all year, because I know it’s when they put out all of the best selection, and brands. The makeup, and skincare department is superb this time of year throughout the holidays! I keep finding high end brands for such amazing prices, unbelievable really. Some of the finds that I have found lately, are still available at the high end stores, (sephora) it’s awesome! As you can see this haul includes brands from Erzo Laszlo, Bare Minerals, Kat Von D, Formula X, Buxom, and Laura Gellar. I couldn’t believe I found all this awesome stuff, super excited to start using it! If you have any questions or want a review on any of the items, please leave me a comment below, I’d also love to hear what you’ve found lately as well! Please share! Happy hunting, I’m not done yet, I’m sure I will have another haul soon, so keep checking back for that! Enjoy! Thanks for checking out my  haul! And, yes I was wearing hot pink pj pants in the reflection, lol blogger life! 




Huge Makeup Shopping Haul #1 TJMaxx & Marshalls, Amazing finds!

Hello, hello lovies. I hope today brings you joy, and your all having a fantastic start to your weekend! I have a fun, and exciting blog post for you today, well at least I think it is! I am such a makeup, and beauty junkie that I search for good deals, at stores like TJMaxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack pretty regularly, not only because it’s fun, but because I love a good hunt!! Let me tell you, now is the best time to shop, around the holiday season is when they get in tons of new stuff, especially in the beauty department! They really try, and boost sales for the holidays, to get the consumers in the door, because once you find that amazing deal, especially on makeup, your hooked! I remember last year I spent WAY to much at these stores during November, and December, I wait all year for the good stuff! Anyways, this year is looking to be the same, spending way to much again. I am splitting up the haul into 2 separate hauls, and posts, because it’s just easier to split it up 🙂 I  just can’t help myself, I can’t pass up good deals, who’s with me on that? The beauty, and skincare department is literally packed with goodies!! I love going, and looking to see what new that got in, and for the most part it’s a lot of stuff they don’t normally carry. It’s like they hoard all the good stuff until now, lol! I am loving it though! I have found so many good high end makeup products, and the prices are always so low, sometimes unbelieveable. Some of the brands I have found lately include, Kat Von D, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bare Minerals, Buxom, Tokyo Milk, Bobbi Brown, Make Up For Ever, Tocca, Lollia, Mac, Too Faced, Ciate, Sephora, Formula X, Nars, Stila, and the list goes on, see I told ya, I have been finding so much lately!! So many high end, prestige brands! I am finding them at such low prices, and at incredible values. I will share below what all I have gotten recently in the last few weeks, and this isn’t even everything, this is just what I set aside to haul, I have gone a little crazy lately lol! I hope you all are able to find some good deals as well, I just wanted to share with you, so you can have your eyes open too, happy shopping, please leave a comment down below telling me which one of my finds you think is the best, and if you have been able to find as well! Happy hunting!! 🙂 If you would like pricing information on anything, please ask 🙂 Haul 2 is coming next Friday, be sure to come back and check it out!! I have been finding amazing deals lately!

Oh, and my little Pumpkin always wants her picture taken too 🙂



EOS Shimmer Lip Balm New, and loving it!


Hello everyone, happy Wednesday, and happy hump day, I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I keep telling myself to stay up to date, and yes I keep buying new makeup, and beauty products, so now I have a ton of catching up to do. The holiday collections are all releasing, so it’s pretty fun, and exciting!! I LOVE holiday makeup sets, I can’t resist, as I’m sure many of you can’t as well, oh the temptation!! 

EOS is a great drugstore lip balm brand, you may know of them, they are pretty darn popular. I have about 20 of them so far, and really didn’t need more, but how can I resist the new shimmer ones? I can’t, and I wanted to review them for you all as well. They are packed with a beautiful shimmer, that adds the perfect sparkle to your lips, okay my lips, and I can’t get enough of them, I really have been loving them so far! I have always been a lip product kind of gal, something about all the different types of lip products, that give so many different looks that I can’t resist!! Lips are in constant need of attention, so they are always needing something on them! my favorite lip products, or type has always been lipgloss, I love the gloss look, funny fact when matte lips were all the rage, okay they still are, lol, I was like what??? NO!!! lol, funny I know, I am getting more used to them, and do wear the look on occasional, although, still not my favorite. I also have always loved shimmer, ever since I was a little girl, my lips had to be shimmery, or sparkly, thanks bonne bell lipsmack, the addiction started young!! Anyways, with living in the pacific northwest the weather can change so drastically from day to day, so my lip products change as well, and they change often, which I don’t mind 🙂 



My Review: 

I love EOS, as a brand, and their lip balms. I love how the ingredients are quality, and good for your lips, and the environment as well. They smell amazing, and truly are moisturizing for your lips. The shimmer I was really excited about because I already love the regular eos, and I have a ton of them, all different scents/ flavors. The clear balm gives the perfect amount of moisture, and they glide on effortlessly, the shape of the balm is a great idea, no wonder why so many other brands try and copy the design! I love these new shimmer balms, they add a slight sparkle, and the pink one adds a tiny amount of pink without being overbearing, which is nice. The scents are nice as well, sweet, but not floral. I really like the new packaging on these as well, it makes them feel more fancy. The price on these are around $2 more each, but I feel it’s very worth the price increase for what your getting!  I recommend these for sure, they work great, and will be great to have for the coming winter months, and the holidays! Would make a great stocking stuffer! 



eos Shimmer lip balm in Sheer Pink softens your lips while providing a touch of shimmer and shine for a soft beauty you will love. Enriched with moisturizing shea butter, jojoba oil and anti-oxidant vitamin E, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and beautiful.

Shea butter softens and nourishes
Jojoba oil provides long lasting moisture
Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant protection
Precisely glides on lips
Provides subtle pink tint
0.25 oz


Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 12.11.33 PM.png

eos Shimmer lip balm in Pearl softens your lips while providing a touch of shimmer and shine for a soft beauty you will love. Enriched with moisturizing shea butter, jojoba oil and anti-oxidant vitamin E, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and beautiful.

Shea butter softens and nourishes
Jojoba oil provides long lasting moisture
Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant protection
Precisely glides on lips
Twist-off top
0.25 oz