Unicorn Snot Face & Body Glitter Review

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Hi lovies! Happy Thursday, and welcome to the blog today, thank you so much for stopping by! I am guessing you read that title and were like, “Wait, what”???? Yep, you read it right, I am reviewing unicorn snot today! Lol, your laughing I am sure, but I really wanted to review this because it has been all the rage lately, and people are really talking about it. So I thought I would buy some, and give it a try. I love, I mean love glitter, and gold, so I figured, for $9.99 it is now $14.99, why not! ย I was excited, I went to amazon, and purchased it in the gold color, it comes in many other colors, you can check them out, and purchase here>>>ย Buy Here Off Amazonย check it out, it’s pretty fun! P.S. no unicorns were harmed in the making of the product, thank goodness! ๐Ÿ™‚ย Buy Here

I literally just wanted it for the coolness factor, ya, I for some reason care about that kind of thing, and I am also obsessed with glitter, and anything unicorn, have been since I was a little girl, but who wasn’t? So, what’s this unicorn snot all about? I was so curious myself, would it really feel like snot? Good question….. well, the answer is yes lol! The unicorn snot is packaged in a large sized glass jar, with simple, and limited labeling, and package details. I was just glad that it wasn’t broken upon arrival! The jar lid tightens very well, I think it has to so that the glitter (unicorn snot) doesn’t dry out, or go bad. The texture is very slimy, and slippery, well, much like snot, okay, or like any other body glitter gel, or hair gel for that matter. The scent is mild, and just smells like gel, not bad, or strong at all. You can use the glitter gel on your face or body. It is a little tacky, and doesn’t fully dry down, so I would be very cautious around the eyes, mouth, nose, etc., it is beautiful on the body though, I tried it on my chest area, and it put just the right amount of glitter, and shine, almost like a highlighter, it was really pretty. I think for the fun of it, it’s a fun item to have, and I will use it for special events, and occasions. I also think the pink, or silver would be fun as well. What do you think about this product? It’s kind of a novelty item, yet pretty, and fun. It’s also very unique, as I don’t have any other products like it!ย 

Well, Unicorn Snot is pretty damn close to magic, if we do say so ourselves. The sparkly paste looks like a real-life unicorn sneezed into a jar. Unlike the Lemonhead Spacepaste, which we’re also huge fans of, the latest glittery product blowing up the Internet comes more Lisa Frank-esque, florescent colors like bubblegum pink and neon lemon yellow. Also, the shades are completely translucent. When you swipe on a dollop of Unicorn Snot, it gives your skin a twinkly finish instead of a neon stain. Simply beautiful, and snotty!ย 

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.38.55 PM.png

About the Product:

Sparkly and beautiful: Fun glitter gel for body and face
Perfect glitter gel: Very light scent, and washes off easily
Translucent in color once applied with glitter infused
Size: 1.7 oz
Non-toxic: Safe for face and body




4 thoughts on “Unicorn Snot Face & Body Glitter Review

  1. LOL i can’t help but to giggle at the name but so clever, because if unicorns were real and if they did have snot i literally envision it looking just like those gel products. That would totally be fun to wear on a night out!!

    xo, JJ

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