Mac Cosmetics Selena Collection Review

Just thought I would reblog this since there is now a restock! Get the collection while you can! Mac Selena


selena3Hello there lovies! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It’s raining here today, and well just chilly outside, so I decided it was about due time to take some fun pictures, and get some blogs up that have been on my to do list! I know that the mac Selena collection was SUPER popular, and sold out within hours. I really had to search for the items, and have them shipped to me, luckily, I found what I wanted from the collection, (yeah). I do have great news though, if you haven’t heard already, they are rereleasing the collection sometime in January, I hear! I also heard that this collection was the most popular collection they have ever had!!! Yeah for Selena fans, I think that’s so awesome!

So, I know this blog post is a little late on the ball, but wanted to share it anyways, because the…

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