Mac Cosmetics Mariah Carey Collection Haul

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Hello lovies!! Merry Christmas!! I hope your all having a wonderful Christmas so far, and santa treated you all well!! I wanted to save this special post for Christmas, to finish up my goal of posting 5 days a week until Christmas! So, here it is at 11 pm Christmas Eve, and I am sitting in bed with my kitty Pumpkin literally sitting right by me, and the computer (I will insert a pic, so cute) I am determined to meet my goal! Yeah, I can’t believe that I have done it, I am so proud of myself, even if I was late to dinner tonight because I couldn’t get these pictures right, these beauties are so damn reflective, it was doing all kinds of crazy things to my lighting, so sorry if the pictures aren’t the best, it was so difficult, I tried, I really did.Β 

Let me introduce, okay it needs no introduction, to the beautiful Mariah Carey collection from Mac Cosmetics. I literally was dying when I first saw pictures of this collection, not only am I a huge Mariah Carey fan, always have been, but I am also a total Mac junkie, I have been since high school, one of these days, I will share my mac collection with you all. Mac has been one of my all time favorite brands for over 20 years, and they still amaze me, especially with all of their new collections lately. They have been so impressive, and am so in love I tell ya, still all these years later! Anyways, sorry I got distracted lol, I lost my train of thought, it’s late, okay, so yes I love mac! Everything is always high quality, highly pigmented, and absolutely beautiful. I first saw this collection months ago, and waited so patiently for it to release. This collection had my name all over it!! I was dying, literally dying for this lipstick, I mean come on, it has a butterfly stamped on it!! OMG!! Oh, and the gold, and sparkles, can it get any prettier, and girly? My gosh!! I knew that I wanted a lot from the collection, okay, maybe not as much as I ended up purchasing, but I had to go a little overboard because this collection was selling out SO fast. They are doing restocks though periodically, so you just have to keep checking, I ordered some from Nordstrom, and some from Macy’s, but it’s also available at Mac stores, and online. I just happened to get lucky and order everything I wanted before the restock, and before some products were selling out. I wish I was lucky enough to get the pr package that mac sent out, OMG I would have literally died, maybe someday, I will be lucky enough to be on Mac cosmetics pr list, we can all dream right? πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy this post, and have a wonderful Christmas. I have got to get my booty in bed! If you are looking for swatches, there are several, I just didn’t have time to do them, sorry 😦 and part of me is afraid to swatch this collection, and actually use them lol, I know it sounds ridiculous, but you know how it is! Let me know what you picked up from this collection, and how you are liking everything! I am in love!!! Here is everything that I purchased, enjoy, and thanks for reading, Merry Christmas, goodnight! Oh, and my favorite from this collection is both of the powders, absolutely stunning!!Β 





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