Wet n Wild Holiday Collection Sequins & Stardust Color Icon Loose Pigments




Hello lovies, I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your day, and thank you for coming back to my blog to check out today’s post! I am writing this late at night, when I didn’t get much sleep, so bare with me today, as I am just going to jump right into the blog post. It is definitely time for bed, yep, I keep it real 🙂 I have got to get myself on a good sleep schedule darnit! I am here today (tonight) to share with you more of the wet n wild holiday 2016 collection, sequins, and stardust. I recently posted a review with swatches of the highlighters that were released, and limited edition in the summer, and the new gold bar highlighter from this holiday collection. I will link that post here if  you would like to check it out! Wet n Wild highlighters Wet n Wild has been killing it lately with their products, and limited editions, I literally am so surprised, and the prices for the quality you are getting with these products is amazing, simply amazing. I knew that I had to have all these pigments in this collection, funny though because when I placed my order online through the website, I only ordered 2 out of the 4 from the collection, I have no idea what I was thinking, but for $2.99 each, you can’t beat it! So, like I said I ordered the 2 online, then when I swatched them, I knew I had to have the other 2, well the first store I looked at had them, I got lucky, that’s for sure!! I grabbed them up so quick I tell ya!! 

These pigments are so beautiful, I couldn’t believe how pigmented they were, I also really enjoy the sifter, and the amount of product you get. So worth the money. Good things, awesome things actually, come in small packages! I am excited that I have all 4 of them, and am ready to start playing with them on my eyes! It’s really gonna make any eye look really sparkle, and shimmer! These pigments come in 4 colors, and are so soft, and buttery, a tiny amount goes a really long way, you don’t need much, just shake a little into the lid, and it’s easy as that! They do well picked up by a flat brush as well, and if you spray a product like mac fix plus to wet your brush, you better watch out, these are amazing!! They are so finely milled, and not chunky at all, they are almost better than mac pigments, yep, I said it, OMG! Definitely pick these up if you find them, I found mine at Rite Aid, but I have also seen them at Walgreen’s, best of luck finding these! 

Color Icon Loose Pigments ($2.99)

– Heart of Rose Gold
– Ride on my Copper
– Dom & Cherry on Top
– Kung Fu Lighting



30 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Holiday Collection Sequins & Stardust Color Icon Loose Pigments

  1. Wow Wet n Wild stepping it up in the highlighting game! I lovee those tones the rose gold one is to die for. I do actually love Wet n Wild’s bronzer so I trust that their highlighters would be good too. I’m going to have to be on the look out for these on my next Target trip! Thanks for sharing!!!

    xo, JJ

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