Flower Beauty Translucent Powder Review


Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 12.26.46 PM.pngFlower Beauty: Translucent Powder $9.98

My review:

I love this translucent powder, my gosh, I am so glad that I heard about it. I have heard other beauty bloggers rave about this powder, but every time I tried to buy it, it’s so popular that it was out of stock, finally I found one, at my local walmart. Flower beauty is sold exclusively at walmart, I know it sounds kinda cheap, but literally this powder is just like, if not better then any high end translucent powder I have ever tried, yes even better then the coveted Laura Mercier translucent powder that is almost triple the price of this. I couldn’t believe some of the reviews that I was reading about how well it worked, and really set their makeup, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical, but definitely was curious! The packaging on this is beautiful, yes it’s a bit large, and bulky, comes with a powder puff, but I recommend using a face brush, so you can really buff the product in, and blend. Β Beautiful packaging, though like a high end beauty product, the only draw back is the sifter for the powder, it can get pretty messy, the holes are to big, and a lot of product comes out while using. It has a wonderful light, airy, and silky texture that really works. You only need a little bit to do the trick and it keeps down the shine for hours! It is translucent, so no color, but makes your face matte without caking up, or strange pigments. Although there is a bit of a flashback, like with a lot of translucent powders, which is to be expected, that’s why you just have to use a little, not a lot. It doesn’t look like anything is on your skin at all you just look like a healthier version of your own self, and gives you a subtle glow, without the shiny feeling. I think for the price, this is a great deal, and recommend it!Β 

A little about the product:

It’s a miracle worker! Flower Miracle Matte Finishing Powder is the ultimate finishing touch to your makeup. Not only does it set and perfect, but it helps to mattify shine and provides optical blurring to skin. The end result is a flawless finish. Set your look or use alone to help minimize shine and the appearance of pores.
Flower Miracle Matte Finishing Powder:
Minimizes imperfections


Thanks for reading!Β 



9 thoughts on “Flower Beauty Translucent Powder Review

  1. Packaging does look really pretty. I have never heard anything bad about this line. I rarely come across it though. I think I saw some contour or highlight sticks once at Walmart but then I haven’t seen more at my Walmart. Maybe I need to go into one of the bigger ones that has more merchandise.


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