Tarte “Pretty Paintbox” Collector’s Makeup Case Holiday Review


Hello lovies! Welcome to the blog today, thank you for your continued support, and coming back to check out today’s post, and review! Hope you are all having a fantastic start to your day! This post is for the new holiday collection palette from Tarte, well okay, they call it a makeup case, and it definitely is more like a case then a palette. It is called the pretty paintbox collector’s makeup case, it launched about a month ago, but I am just now getting the review up. I actually kinda forgot about it, since I just purchased the tarteist pro palette, yes a review will be coming on that as well, but anyways, this makeup case is absolutely beautiful! I bought the one from last year, and the year before, I am a Tarte junkie, I can’t help myself, I love these palettes, especially when they are in beautiful packaging. This collection this year is totally different then last year, the color selection is different, the little minis that you get with the makeup case are different, and the outer design obviously is different. If you are a makeup junkie like myself, you will love this, and if you have a lot affair with Tarte, you will also love this! The packaging design is so hip, and modern, it’s a really cool neon colored swirl designed fabric. The makeup case last year did zip all the way around, this year though it doesn’t, it just closes shut, no zipper closure, I also love the flip up design this year where the little samples are kept, I feel like it wastes a little bit of packaging room, but it is perfect for travel, and is an all in one compact design, which I really enjoy, and will definitely use for travel. The product, and color selection are really stunning, the blush colors are beautiful, and yet so unique, because I own almost every blush that Tarte makes, and these are slightly different, and new shades, they pulled out all the stops with this makeup case from the holiday collection that’s for sure, this is a show stopper, and must have, I love it, and can’t wait to use it more! I love that they included all the minis, and a full size eyeliner as well. The pan sizes for the eyeshadows, and blushes are a good size, and will definitely last a long time. They are both rich, and buttery, and last all day on the eyes, and cheeks. I think anyone would really like this palette! And, I am sure I will be getting the one next year lol, I love them that much! Tarte is an amazing brand, I’m a huge fan!

What it is:
A custom collector’s case, packed with limited-edition tarteist™ essentials.

What it does:
Imagine, create, and inspire with this collector’s Paintbox Collector’s Makeup Case, featuring all the beauty products needed to complete a number of beauty looks. The custom print, full-size case includes a built-in eye shadow palette with 24 brilliant, limited-edition shades, including warm neutrals and avant-garde bolds with mixed matte and micro-metallic finishes. It also includes two, lash-loving favorites from tarte, including the waterproof Rainforest of the Sea™ so fine micro liner and tarteist lash paint mascara for an instant, ultimate increase in lash volume. Then, paint on high-coverage, high-shine lip color with the coveted, deluxe-size tarteist glossy lip paint. The case also includes a limited-edition, four-piece cheek palette to contour, highlight, and accentuate cheeks across all skintones. There’s added storage in the mirrored case for some extra tarteist essentials so you stow away the rest of your beauty musts.

This set contains:
– 24 x 0.031 oz/ 0.87 g Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow in Glitter Glue, Nude, Bronze Casting, Silhoutte, Waterlines, van Gogh with it, Metal Work, Charcoal Sketch, Pearl Earring, Frameworthy, First Impression, Starry Night, Fresco, Hearts & Crafts, Selfie Portrait, One Too Manet, Porcelain Dali, Monochrome, hot MoMa, Stained Glass, Pastel, I Lourve It, Get Surreal, Still Life
– 0.10 oz/ 2.83 g Tartiest lash paint mascara in Black
– 0.158 oz/ 4.47 g Amazonian Clay Blush in Moment (coral)
– 0.158 oz/ 4.47 g Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Authentic (champagne)
– 2 x 0.158 oz/ 4.47 g Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Unique (shimmer), Provacative (matte contour)
– 0.10 oz/ 2.83 g Rainforest of the Sea So Fine Micro Liner in Black
– 0.01 oz/ 0.47 g Tarteist glossy lip paint in Ovbi (warm nude



5 thoughts on “Tarte “Pretty Paintbox” Collector’s Makeup Case Holiday Review

  1. So many goodies in one little set, I love it! I really like the colors of the blush, highlighter, and bronzer- if only I could get my hands on that!!! I’d have so much fun experimenting! I’ll have to go in Sephora and check it out and maybe play around a bit 😉 I wonder how the mascara is, you’ll have to let us know!

    xo, JJ

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