Becca “Blushed with Light” Blush Palette Review


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Hello, hello lovies!! I hope you are all having a great start to your day! I really wanted to get this review up as soon as possible because I know it is currently sold out, and is becoming difficult to get your hands on. I follow trendmood1 on instagram, and I saw that this pretty little baby was on sale at Ulta, and Sephora for $17 I freaked out, and jumped on it faster then fast, and bought one at Sephora. I was one of the lucky ones, I had no idea that this would sell out so fast, wow, I was shocked! I have the rest of this collection, well everything from the Jacklyn Hill collection from Becca, and absolutely love everything!! Becca is hands down one of my favorite high end beauty brands, it has been for a while now, the pigmentation is always superb, and of the highest standards. When I watched these, and applied them to my cheeks, they were so buttery, and soft, and very pigmented. They glide on, and you don’t need very much product at all on your brush. This palette has 3 beautiful colors, my favorite is the middle color in the palette, the color songbird, okay, yes it’s a beautiful name, but also a beautiful color, perfect for any skin tone I think! The entire palette will look flattering on any skin tone! Let’s just say this pretty trio will leave you looking glowy, and beautiful all year round! Let’s hope that Becca releasing more holiday collection products soon, because anything Becca is a must have, let’s be real! I really hope that this comes back in stock as well, sorry if it’s not 😦


This palette includes 3 BECCA blushes! Introducing NEW never before seen Mineral Blush shade in Wisteria, cult favorite Mineral Blush in Songbird, and best selling Luminous Blush in Snapdragon!



9 thoughts on “Becca “Blushed with Light” Blush Palette Review

  1. I’ve recently been having an obsession with blush, maybe because it helps prevent me from being so pale in the cold winter lol but these Becca blushes are such pretty colors!! I love the Becca highlighters so I can only imagine how great the blush is! I wanna be looking glowy πŸ™‚

    xo, JJ

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