Black Friday Sephora Shopping Haul!



Hello, hello lovies!! Happy snow day, well for me here in Oregon it’s a snow day, we got some snow last week, but it wasn’t a lot, and didn’t stick, but today later it is supposed to really accumulate, all the schools in the area are already closed in preparation for it, I tell ya, they over worry lol! Better to be safe I guess though. I love snow, so it will be fun, but it’s SO cold! I am nice and cozy warm inside catching up on blogging today, keeping my goal of posting 5 times a week until Christmas! I hope you are all getting some snow as well as keeping cozy, and warm. Let’s jump right into today’s blog!

Today I am sharing with you as a sort of follow up post with what I purchased on black Friday. I posted my want list the day of Thanksgiving, thank you for all your love on that post, it was fun seeing what you all were interested in as well, and what you planned on purchasing. Oh black Friday is SO fun, and you get the best beauty deals, which is awesome! I do have to admit for a beauty blogger, I didn’t go crazy like I had planned, and could have. I knew that a few other online stores were also having black Friday sales, so I also placed orders elsewhere like Elf cosmetics, Colourpop, and Nordstrom. I did get some great deals at Sephora, I just placed my order online, because let’s be real, it’s way easier then to fight the craziness in store, and since I am a rouge, and have free shipping, why not, it’s just easier! I really had my eye on these kits, and am so glad, and thankful that I was able to grab them, I love them all! So today, I am just sharing my sephora haul, more hauls are coming soon though! Did you get anything from the black Friday sales? What did you get? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know! Thanks! Sorry,ย unfortunately most of these are sold out, but if you look in store you may be able to find some, I recently saw some at a inside JCPenny sephora store, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Sephora $10

Buxom $10

Tarte $10

Clean $10





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