“So Lashy” Blash Pro Mascara by Covergirl Review




Hello lovies!! I am doing well, busy as usual, how are you all doing? Leave me a comment, I always respond to every comment I get, I love hearing from you all! On the blog today, I am reviewing a brand new mascara from Covergirl!! I was able to grab this because my local target during black Friday craziness, had an end cap full of these babies!! I had to grab it, I was going to anyways, and guess what? There was a cartwheel offer for $2 off, what? Ya, done, and done. The coupon brought the price down from $8.99 to $6.99! Such a score, so if you find the offer still, or find a coupon for this, definitely grab it, and give it a try!Β 

Let’s jump right into the review! Okay, besides the super cute, hello purple, packaging, and yep, the wand is also purple!! The tube itself is very sleek, slim, and a matte, yet shiny black with a purple lid. I love how it’s not overly large, and it fits well, and not to bulky, which is always a plush, the overly huge, bulky packaging drives me nuts, and it’s always so darn difficult to hold, and gets slippery to grip, so luckily this one doesn’t, yeah! I do have to admit the bristles look shocking, and scary, okay really scary with that ball on the end, but when you get over that, it actually isn’t so scary. I kinda thought it was going to poke my eye, but when I really thought about it, I am so used to the Benefit they’re real mascara, so it wasn’t that big of a deal really, this is just WAY cheaper, but it really reminds me of that one, not only by the shape and look of the wand, but the formula as well. It is easy to apply, and lasts all day, it doesn’t smudge, or transfer to my eyelids, or under my eyes for that matter which is awesome! I definitely recommend this mascara, and the formula is great, it lengthens my lashes, without the spider look. For the price, it’s a fabulous mascara, definitely worth a try!Β 




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