Nars Sarah Moon Eyeshadow Duo “Indes Galantes” Review


Hi there, how are you all doing? I hope all is well, and all of you are having a great week so far! I am doing well, busy as usual, but really trying to reach my goal this week again, so I am keeping up with blogging, work, and life πŸ™‚ I hope you have been enjoying the blogs thus far this week, I finally feel like I am catching up, and getting the hang of it again! It’s still so fun, and I do really enjoy it as well! Today on the blog I am reviewing Nars Cosmetics, which is hands down my all time favorite makeup/beauty brand! They came out recently with a new line featuring Sarah Moon. Beautiful packaging, and colors, it’s actually a pretty big line, and I am loving the packaging especially on the entire collection, this one is just the regular packaging with special labeling, nothing special really, but some of the otherΒ pieces in the collection, are absolutely stunning with Sarah Moon’s beautiful artwork, and photography. This is one of the most beautifulΒ limited edition packaging from nars cosmetics I have seen! I, like most beauty, and makeup lovers am a sucker for packaging, and design that’s for sure, I can’t help it, give me pretty, and colorful packaging, and I’m sold lol! Who is with me on that?Β 

Nars cosmetics has always been one of my favorite brands in the industry. It’s high end, and luxurious, the quality of the products is always superb, and worth every penny in my opinion. Although I only purchased one thing from the collection, believe me, I want to purchase more, but am refraining lol, I think this one was a good one to buy. I love eyeshadows, and especially these duos are always my favorite. Two colors in one travel friendly little palette. I feel in love with these colors in the palette, and think they are smooth, buttery, and highly pigmented, just what you would expect from nars! They also last all day on the eyelid, and have over 12 hours of wear time, which is incredible. They simply are beautiful, and anyone would enjoy these as well. I definitely suggest giving something from the new Sarah Moon collection by nars cosmetics a try!Β 

img_7125Β img_7124




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