Colourpop Holiday Collection Haul & Swatches


Hello there lovies!! Who is busy decorating for the holidays? I got to get into the holiday spirit, and decorate, gotta make time for it, because I really enjoy it every year! I hope your all having a wonderful day! Thanks for your continued support, it’s truly appreciated! 

Today on the blog, I am sharing with you some colourpop holiday collection makeup items! They just came out with their new holiday collection, I saw pictures, and knew that I had to have some of the collection, because the colors were SO beautiful! Of coarse I jumped on it so fast that I didn’t really think about that there would be a black Friday sale coming up in a few days, lol, oh well, no 20 % off for me, or a free lip gloss, such a bummer, how many of you guys also hate when that happens? UGGGG! Okay, I had to take a little break, because I just placed another order because I wanted get the puppy love, and cat nap, they are for a good cause, and are on sale, so I also bought some pieces from the hello kitty collection, I can’t resist sales I tell ya, so I will be reviewing those as well, fun, fun! I am such a makeup junkie I tell ya, and always enjoy colourpop! If you haven’t ever tried anything from the brand, I highly recommend giving them a try, especially when they are having a sale! 

Okay, let’s get on to the haul, and swatches! After all, that’s what you came for right? I have really been loving colourpop lately, and have placed a few orders in the past couple months, and everything is always amazing, I really love when they release new collections, it’s the packaging lol! The eyeshadows, and matte lip glosses are always my favorite, because they are so affordable, and the colors are stunning, and last! I honestly think that the pigmentation in the eyeshadows are something like I have never seen before, and absolutely stunning, and beautiful! The pillowy texture is so interesting, and unique, you don’t have to use much to get an amazing eyeshadow look. The lip glosses also are smooth, and pigmented, and don’t cake up like a lot of glosses do, also they are non sticky!  Let’s check out what all I got from the new holiday collection from colourpop! 

Nonsense & Knotty

Just For Fun, Koosh, & Tinsel



10 thoughts on “Colourpop Holiday Collection Haul & Swatches

  1. I haven’t tried ColourPop yet – I ALMOST ordered something when they had free international shipping (I’m in Canada) but I took so long to decide on what I wanted to order, the offer expired while I was browsing! 😛
    The lipstick in Knotty look so pretty! And those eye shadows – I would wear the heck out of each of them!

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