Mac Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skinfinish Review “Soft frost”


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Soft Frost

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Hello there all my beautiful lovies! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I can’t wait for family time, and delicious food! Let the memories begin! I hope all of you are are just as excited as I am for Thanksgiving! I am posting a special black Friday post tomorrow, so please come back to check that out tomorrow at 9 AM PST, so you can be all prepared for shopping on black Friday!ย 

These gorgeous highlighters from mac cosmetics were on my wish list since I saw the very first pictures of them on instagram. I love the extra dimension skinfinish formula, and this color in particular I knew I had to have, it was right up my alley, and SO beautiful, clearly so I can channel my inner mermaid ๐Ÿ™‚ I will admit, I am obsessed with anything luminous, and pearly, especially makeup! Are you with me on that? Or do you not really care about it? It’s the holographic feel that attracts me every time, I just am a fan of shimmer, opalescence, and prismatic most likely because the little mermaid was my favorite movie growing up, well duh! Anyways, I knew I had to have at least this one, the other colors are very pretty as well, but this one is my favorite! P.S. the pictures don’t do justice, ย you really have to see the reflection in person, and swatch it for yourself, you will be like, “throw it in the bag”, or I like to say….. “done and done” LOL! The pigmentation, and lasting power is superb, just what you would expect from a mac cosmetics product. It’s smooth, and very buttery, and applies beautifully to the cheeks. It has definitely become one of my favorite highlighters, besides becca’s champagne pop of course! I love it,ย definitely highly suggest at least purchasing one!ย 




A liquid-powder highlighter that gives a luminous, well-defined finish. Extra Dimension Skinfinish adds the perfect glow to skin. The liquid-powder highlighter, with prismatic reflections, is designed to sculpt and highlight your face, leaving a luminous, well-defined finish. The creamy powder formula lasts up to ten hours.

Thanks for your continued support as always, and please come back tomorrow! See you then!ย 



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