Mac Nutcracker Sweet Holiday 2016 Collection Haul!




Hello, hello my lovies! Happy Sunday!! I am just a busy bee, and working away, getting pretty pictures taken, and blogs wrote, yeah for meeting goals, and getting stuff done off my to do list! This blog I have been wanting to do for a few weeks now, but wanted the perfect pictures to show off this beautiful collection from Mac cosmetics! This is the new holiday 2016 collection and boy, oh boy is it amazingly beautiful!! So beautiful that honestly I didn’t want to swatch anything or use anything yet! I know, I know, I should, but I am sure I will soon, I just wanted to take the pictures first, and honestly I am afraid to touch anything, well mostly the face palette, for obvious reasons, it’s sold out, and VERY hard to find! Anyways, I will get over it I am sure lol 😉 I also want to mention that I only purchased 4 of the products from the holiday collection, because I wanted to get a variety of products, and I am a huge mac junkie, so sometimes I am just not attracted to some of the collections only because I already have a lot of mac products in my makeup collection. I also try and at least get 1 item from the new collections, especially the holiday collections, because let’s be real the packaging gets me every damn time, especially this collection, yes please, and the popularity of it as well get’s me feeling like I REALLY need it, are you with me on that? Let’s dive right into what I purchased from the Mac Cosmetics nutcracker sweet holiday 2016 collection!! 


What I purchased from the Nutcracker Sweet Collection:

Magic Dust Eye Shadow: Forward March

Magic Dust Powder: Sweet Vision

Bronze Pigments & Glitter Kit

Face Compact: Cooper

 Please let me know what you were able to pick up from this beautiful collection, and let me know your thoughts, if you have purchased anything, have you used it yet?? Thank you so much for reading, and your continued support on my blog, if you haven’t already, please follow me on instagram @bflyrenee I post daily, and continue to grow, so thank you so much!! 



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