Birchbox November (Why I quit birchbox) Review


Hello lovies!! I hope your Saturday is going well, I just wanted to say first, thank you for all the blog love lately, I am trying my best to get back into blogging, and all the support, and love really helps!! I just have to make the commitment again not only with blogging, but all other forms as well, definitely including my youtube channel. I am excited, and it’s going to take some work, but it will be fun! I have lots to get accomplished this weekend, and have some fun blogs coming up for next week as well, so be sure to stop by, and check them out please 🙂 Okay let’s get going on the review this month for November’s birchbox, and why I quit! Yes, you heard that correct, I quit birchbox, no longer subscribed, or I am not renewing my yearly, or monthly any longer. 

Here is what is included in my November birchbox


As you can see from the photos it seems like it would be a decent box, but looks can be deceiving unfortunately, and sadly I am very disappointed in this month’s box. The only thing that I was was excited about was the item that I picked this month from my sample choice, which was the Jane Iradale just kissed lip and cheek stain. I love the formula of the stain, but have also received it in one of my birch box’s before. I literally received the smallest samples this month, not what I was expecting, and for the price of $10 per month, I feel like the boxes get worse, and worse. Yes, these are not foil packages, or perfume samples, but I will literally get maybe a few uses out of 3 of the 5 products, very disappointing to say the least. I  feel like sometimes birchbox’s are really good, and filled with great decent sized products, but lately they have been going downhill, and getting worse, and worse. Okay, I know that it sounds like I am really talking negatively about it, but I am letting you know the reasons why I am canceling so you can make your own decision based on my opinions, just trying to help 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I have really loved my birchbox subscription for the past 2 1/2 years, and for the most part, I have enjoyed, and used most of the samples that I received.

Another aspect to why I canceled, and what was my favorite part of birchbox, so it was the most disappointing, is the point system change. See, before you would spend $10 per month on the subscription, and you would review on average 4-5 products, and you would receive 50 points per month, which equals $5 per month, then you can use those points to purchase whatever you would like in the birchbox shop, how great is that? I placed many orders with my points, not having to pay anything, which was hands down the best part to birchbox!! Who wouldn’t love free stuff? Anyways, without the amazing point system they took away a couple months ago, it’s just not worth the $10 per month in my opinion. The samples are not significant enough. Although I will miss aspects to birchbox, for example, the brands, and products that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to try, which has been fun, but for $10 per month, I expect more. I am just disappointed in the sample size, and the change in the points system, so I will not continue being a subscriber to birchbox. 

I would love to hear your opinion on birchbox, and if your a subscriber, and what you received this month if it was different than mine, etc. Like I said I am canceling birchbox, this will be my last birchbox on the blog. Thank you for reading, sorry if I sounded like a negative nancy, just wanted to keep it real with my readers. 






25 thoughts on “Birchbox November (Why I quit birchbox) Review

  1. Yup, pretty bad! I felt like I got charged for tiny samples that dept stores would give away FREE! What a rip off. I was so mad when I got my first box I emailed to cancel and not only did they cancel put they refunded my $10.

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  2. First off I am new on here and would love for you to check out my blog.

    Secondly, it sucks about the point system. I am still subscribed to Birchbox only because I have yet to get a disappointing box. I just got the Allure Beauty Box and love that. It sucks that it doesn’t get much love as Ipsy or Birchbox. I am definitely going to follow and check out your YouTube. Keep up the great blogging!

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  3. I’ve just cancelled after receiving my December Birchbox. I feel the $10.00 could go toward something else that’s more worth my money. I also cancelled Ipsy since I’m just all sampled out at this point.


  4. I was never impressed with Birchbox so I never subbed to it. I guess it’s gotten worse! LOL. But here’s a good one. In like July… I got something in my Glossy Box and the sticker on the side had a little wreath on it and it said Happy Holidays. I was like … Huh … bit of overstock here?

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  5. I just cancelled mine as well; over 3 years.. I rode it out for a while once they banished the point system and I noticed, at least with my boxes, it appeared they were making an effort to include items that fit my profile well. (I was getting shampoo designed for blondes, and all skincare designed for those prone to breakouts and skin issues) but the samples were getting smaller again I kept seeing a deluxe sample shampoo and then a foil packet conditioner, they once did this as an extra but now they are counting toward the 5….but the even bigger issue is how repetitive. I feel like they aren’t getting much new stuff anymore. For a long time when the boxes were hit or miss, their curated version was a win…now they are boxes of leftovers. I feel like they might be on their last legs.

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