e.l.f. Lip Parade Lip Balm Set *NEW*


Hello there everyone, and welcome to my blog, blfyrenee, I hope you are all having a great Friday!! It is getting SO cold here it’s definitely starting to be Winter, almost overnight! I was shopping at Target last night, and saw an entire display of the new e.l.f. holiday collection. I love their holiday collections, because it’s always a good value, if you were going to pick them up anyway, and love them! I was so excited to see that they had the lip balm set, where all 3 colors are included, how fantastic right?

A lot of people rave about these lip balms, and even compare them to the fresh sugar lip balms (which are WAY more expensive) In my opinion, these work just as well, and are $2 each, but if  you get the special holiday pack it is $5 for three, what a great deal right? I definitely think the formula, and swatches, and how they react to my lips are almost exactly like the fresh sugar ones, as crazy as that may sound, it’s totally true, it’s like they are formulated the same. The smell is the only thing that is different, not a bad or good smell, just different. They are incredibly moisturizing, and makes your lips feel so soft!! I definitely think giving these balms a try is a worth your while, and you won’t regret it, after all, for $5 for 3 is a bargain, and a great way to give them a try! Note: They also come individual as well if you just want to try one color for $2 as normal, but hey, why not spend $3 more to try all three, that’s what I am talking about, bargain shopping is the best! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 3.57.28 PM.png

Product Form: Stick
For Use On: lips
Beauty Purpose: Moisturizing
Color Palette: Medium Tones
Color Family: Multiple Colors
Capacity Total Volume: .45 ounces

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 4.17.41 PM.png

Thanks for reading, and checking out my blog, I hope you check these amazing lip balms by e.l.f. out, they are pretty great!!




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