Influenster Campaign *Silk’n* VoxBox


Hello there everyone!! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your day! I am here today to introduce you to an amazing campaign that I was SO lucky to receive from influenster! If you don’t know what that is, then let’s catch up here, influenster is a website where you sign up for free, (I will post the link here, or I would also be happy to email you an invite!! It is invite only, and I have been a member now for about 2 years, this website I heard about through a friend, and was amazed that you could get free products just for reviewing, and testing them out, it seems to good to be true, but honestly it IS TRUE, it’s that easy! I have received tons of products to review, I have gotten some amazing products to test out, which to me, is so incredibly fun. This campaign was HANDS DOWN the best campaign product review I have ever received from any of the review website companies, (they are all in my links on my blog page if you would like to check them all out) like I said, I feel very lucky to have gotten chosen for this one. This box was only sent to select reviewers, and no you don’t have to be a blogger, or have a youtube channel to sign up to review products, but I will say that your social impact score does play a roll in what you may receive, etc. so if you are active on social media than influenster is for you!! FREE products are always good right? Be sure to check out influenster, it is an amazing website, and company. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences, and products from them! 

This box is a voxbox from influenster (what they call the campaigns) this voxbox is a special one, because of it’s high value, and opportunity. This is the highest value voxbox I have seen since I have joined, so I am definitely thankful that I was picked to try this amazing product, and much needed product from silk’n. I have heard of this brand before, and have always wanted to try, but was skeptical if it would really work, and it is a bit expensive. I was amazed to see that it actually does, what this product is, and does will amaze anyone who tries it! This is a laser hair removal device that you use in the comfort of your own home, that is painless, very convenient, and safe, easy to use as well! You see results sooner, because this is such a powerful, yet compact device, that actually works, and removes your hair by laser! I don’t know any one who wouldn’t want less body hair, it’s a constant hassle, and always grows back, well, this is different because it stops the hair growth at the root, there for using light pulses to stop the hair from coming back! 

My Review:

I received the Silk’n Flash & Go Express complementary from Influenster to test and review, however, all opinions are of my own as always. I will provide my honest review of this new product from Silk’n. I have had the device for two months now, and I have used the product as recommended by the directions. I will admit, I was a bit hesitant, and scared to try it, because I have had laser hair removal on my bikini area (full brazilan), and my armpits. I went to a professional laser hair removal spa, and had 6 treatments, it left me with ZERO results, and the hair came back. The treatments were extremely painful as well, as I am sure you could imagine! I paid a few thousand dollars for my treatments, with little to none results sadly, it was a horrible experience, and wasn’t sure if I was ready for that, but I bit the bullet, turned on the device from silk’n and tried it, and OMG, it wasn’t painful, yes it hurts a little, but if you have had a tattoo, or laser treatments, piercings, etc. you may be used to that type of pain, to me, it wasn’t so bad, more like a pinch, or a rubber band snapping, then once it’s over the pain stops, and you are good to go! It does however, take several treatments to see results, which is common, laser treatments aren’t a one time quick fix, although I wish it was that easy!  I have noticed less growth of hair, however, the hair is not gone completely, and I didn’t expect it to be yet, it takes time like I said, but I am definitely willing to stick in there, and keep trying. My hair is getting softer, and grows in a lot slower, which is a great advantage, another great one, is that you can do it in the privacy of your own home! I definitely recommend this product, because it does truly work, you just have to be patient with it, but it is very easy, and okay weird detail, kinda fun to use, hair be gone right!!! I am using it on the tops of my toes, my underarms, my legs, and bikini area, yep I am going for it all, and really wanted to test, and give this a whirl, so glad I did, loving it so far, I am hoping for better results as time goes by using this device! I am excited to see how great it can be without hair in those annoying areas! 

Go to**** promo code, “NOHAIR,” for 10% off the Flash&Go Express! The promo code expires January 31st, 2016 so don’t delay if you want to give this a try! This offer is exclusive to all of you, so please use it to get a great deal on the silk’n Flash & Go Express!! Feel free to share this discount! 🙂 

***They are having an even better sale right now check it out!!***

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.36.35 PM.png



Explanation & Benefits From The Silk’n Website: 

(I didn’t want to say anything wrong, since it is a medical device)

Flash&Go Express is the next innovation in Silk’n home hair removal. We’ve integrated our gentle, light-based hair removal technology into a convenient trigerless design. Simply target the treatment area and Express does the rest with auto pulses that reduce treatment times by up to 50%.

Flash&Go Express is the quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair at home!
Silk’n Flash&Go Express uses gentle pulses of light to disable hair growth at the root. Most users experience a noticeable reduction in hair after just a handful of treatments. It’s painless, convenient and safe!

Convenient at-home treatment
Painless and permanent results
No cartridges or refills to buy
Perfect for areas big and small
Safe and FDA Cleared
What makes Flash&Go Express different?
Faster pulses for faster treatment times
300,000 pulses for a lifetime of use
Automatic, gliding design for faster treatments
Simple, effective design
Express yourself and say goodbye to unwanted hair forever!
Flash&Go Express truly is the most advanced home hair removal system ever! Express allows you to permanently and painlessly remove hair in the privacy of your own home. And thanks to the auto pulse design, you can reduce treatment times by up to 50%. 

Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. I did receive this to review for free from Influenster, and Silk’n. All reviews represent the opinion of Bflyrenee’s Reviews & Beauty. All images are property of silk’n, and myself.

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