Bzzagent Review for Crest 3D White Daily Cleansing & Whitening System


Hi there everyone! I hope you all are doing great, and your week is going well so far! I was lucky enough to receive two bzzagent campaigns! I have been a member of bzzagent for more than 2 years, and literally this was one of the first things or sites for freebies that I ever signed up for along with smiley360, and influenster. If you have never heard of these types of review websites, let me fill you in a little. They are all completely free to sign up for great right? Well you do product reviews, and fill out surveys for a variety of brands, and products, and if you match what the company is looking for then they will send you an offer to review a product with a company that they are working with for reviews, and opinions. Remember, it is completely free, and sometimes you definitely get lucky, just like with anything though, the more involved, and active you are on the website the more offers you will get. It definitely takes effort, and honestly I am just now starting to get offers again, and I haven’t gotten any in months for some reason. I got this opportunity to review, and jumped on it, as I am already a huge fan of crest 3D products, so this was perfect for me! 

Here is more information on the product:

**Crest 3D white: Daily cleansing & whitening system average retails is $15**

In the beauty world, powerful things come in two. That’s why there are two steps in the new Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System. Step 1 is a Deep Cleaning Toothpaste and Step 2 is Whitening Finisher. Use them together to keep your smile as white as a Professional Polish*.
– Step 1 Deep Cleans
– Step 2 is a Whitening Finisher
– Keeps your smile up to 99% as white as a Professional Polish*
– Each system contains one 4.0 oz. Step 1 tube and one 2.3 oz. Step 2 tube

image7 3 image10 2 image11 2

My Review: 

What a great product, I am so incredibly lucky to have gotten this to review! I knew that I would love it, because I have used the crest 3D products in the past, and have also used the toothpaste booster as well, so this was perfect as it is very easy, and more convenient because they come as a set. It is priced at around $15 in most stores, and in my opinion I feel that it is worth it. This product has some pretty big claims that definitely set the bar as how to how well it was supposed to perform. It claims that it deep cleans, and keeps your smile up to 99% as white as a professional polish. Like I said that’s a big claim, and didn’t know if it would live up to that. There is a 4 step process with this kit, but it’s not difficult to get in the habit of doing it daily, it was easy for me to adapt to, as with anything it works best when you follow the directions, and use the products correctly. The steps will be listed below. I love this kit, and definitely will be purchasing when this one is done, I really do think it works well at whitening, and brightening my smile. I am lucky because I have abnormally white teeth already, due to not drinking coffee, tea, wine, or smoking, yeah right? But this definitely made my pearly whites a few shades brighter, and I am very happy, and loving the results! I definitely think you should give this a try or any of the crest 3D products, as I have tried, and use many of them, and they are all great, and what is better than a white smile? 🙂

Directions: **2 steps**

STEP 1****

Brush with step 1 for 1 minute to deep clean

Spit (do not rinse)

STEP 2****

Add step 2 keep brushing for 1 minute to whiten

Spit (rinse) 

No makeup time to brush my teeth, and get ready for bed selfie! 🙂

image9 2


Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. All images are property of myself, and crest

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