Bite Beauty Opal Lipstick & Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

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Hi there lovies, I first want to apologize for missing tester Tuesday this week. As some of you may have seen my post about the sephora epic rewards, it sure was a amazingly popular post, wow, that was my most visited post EVER, so awesome! Well, as you could have guessed by my “updates” yes I pulled an all nighter, and all day until the rewards were released at 11:55 PST, I know, I know, so stupid of me to do so, but I really felt like I could get something, ummm ya no sadly. That was seriously the most epic fail I have EVER seen no joke, what a total waste of time, and sleep for that matter, I was so disappointed in not only sephora, but in my self for wasting so much valuable effort on it. Oh well, life goes on, I am definitely thankful for all the love that was shown to my blog those few days, that’s for sure, I really couldn’t believe it, definitely know now that people are looking, and reading, which is an incredible feeling 🙂 So thank you so much! So long story short, I ended up pulling that damn overnighter, working, and staying up half the next night, so that left no time for tester Tuesday, I was seriously a zombie because I was so sleep deprived, it was really bad. I am still very much trying to catch up on sleep. So I apologize, and wanted to get something up for today, even though it is later in the afternoon that it’s posting. I hope one of you were able to get one those epic rewards, I really do, but I am a tad jealous of those who did! I am sure I will find them on eBay soon lol, always hope! 

This post is going to be a good one, I can feel it, I hope you all enjoy it as well. I posted about these beautiful lippies from bite in one of my recent new makeup at sephora posts, and I saw them, and knew I had to have them!!!! I seriously have an obsession with anything irridecent, or pearl like, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the ever lasting love of the little mermaid movie, and Ariel, wait, yes I am sure that’s what it is. I have always loved these types of colors, I think that’s why I am so obsessed, and in love with shimmery eyeshadows as well, why wear matte when you can sparkle, is my moto, I honestly never wore matte eyeshadows up until about 2 years ago, crazy right? Opals have always been another favorite, for my 16th birthaday my parents bought me a opal ring, from that very moment I was in love! I am actually wearing a different opal ring right now, I have worn it every day since I bought it 2 years ago, I found it at goodwill for $10 such a great, hand made jewelry find, I love it! 

So, I knew I had to have these, maybe not keep both (I returned the lip gloss, because I have one exactly like it from bare minerals, felt like I really didn’t need both) yeah me, lol. The lipstick was mine though, I had never seen anything like that before, and that it applies so beautifully, it’s like putting magic or fairy dust on your lips, no joke! You can wear it plain or put over your favorite lipstick, it works in so many different ways, that’s what is so great about it, and a must have for anyone in my opinion. It is so definitely worth the try, go and swatch it at least, I guarantee you will immediately fall in love. Bite beauty is one of my favorite brands, I have many of their lipsticks, and lip glosses, the formula is so non sticky, and applies perfectly to the lips. These both were the same exact expectations, and formula I would expect from bite beauty, they are definitely one of my top 5 make up brands! The color when applied is so mysterious, and light, but adds that hint of pearl, and opal color that I have never seen anywhere else in a makeup product (well, except in an eyeshadow) simply amazing! I should have swatched them on my lips, sorry about that!! I didn’t even think about that until now!

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BITE beauty: Opal creme lipstick $24


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What it is:
A two-tone pearl, sheer cream lipstick for a multidimensional lip look.

What it does:
BITE Beauty’s Opal Crème Lipstick is designed to be applied on its own for an iridescent finish, or apply top of any lip color to add an ultraviolet dimension. Its infusion of organic fruit butters leaves creamy texture that conditions and nourishes lips with every use. Use this lipstick as a highlighter for a sheer, iridescent glow.

BITE beauty: Opal lip gloss $22



What it is:
A transformational and pearlescent lip gloss in a opal shade for a slick of opalescent shine.

What it does:
Transformational and pearlescent, Bite Beauty’s Crème Gloss creates a lip look with ultraviolet dimension. Silky and nourishing, the two-tone pearl gloss can be worn alone or on top of any lip color for an alluring, pearlescent lip with high-shine and shimmer.

BITE Beauty Left Lipstick & Right Lip Gloss (OPAL) 

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Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. All images are property of myself, and sephora.

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