Birchbox July 2015 Review & Unboxing

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Hi there lovies! It’s getting to be end of month so you know what that means, here comes a boat load of subscription box reviews, and unboxings, lol. I have no idea why they all come at once, but I guess that’s just the way it goes, I also get my boxes so much later than a lot of people, crazy I tell ya! So let’s check out this month’s birchbox, I am gonna say upfront that I am a bit annoyed with birchbox, as I keep getting perfume samples, and that seriously drives me nuts, I really dislike perfume samples, who’s with me on that? Yes it all seems to be very expensive perfume, but still! Okay so I will try and keep this positive. This is also the third time that I have gotten the trio of davines samples for hair in the last 6 months, boo, I know, let’s try and stay positive, it’s hard though, when this box was a total miss for me this month. This month’s theme was “GO BOLD” the box itself is SUPER cute, I love the colors, and pattern I definitely will be re using the box, it’s so cute! Here are the products that were included, the sample choice was very plain, yet simple this month. You only had the options of choosing between 3 colors of the STILA liquid lipsticks, which was great, but some people really aren’t into lip products. I am totally not into liquid lipsticks because they are all SO incredibly drying on the lips for me, and I don’t know why, but I just don’t like the formula, or maybe I haven’t found one that I really like. Let me know if you recommend one, because girls, I seriously can’t find one that works for me, and I am a huge lippy girl, like lip gloss is my ride or die favorite! Alright, let’s see what all I got in this month’s birchbox for June!

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1. Cartier: Baiser Vole (From a brand that knows elegance, a romantic floral scent with notes of fresh, powdery lily)

2. Davines: Minu Shampoo & Duo Shampoo/ Conditioner Packets (Richly foaming wash that gently cleanses hair and safeguards color)

3. Jouer: Matt Moisture Tint (Oil- free SPF 15 formula that controls shine and leaves a soft, velvety finish)

4: Stila: Look At Me Liquid Lipstick (This creamy formula glides on like a gloss yet lasts and lasts like a stain)

5: Supergoop: Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 (This antiaging serum blocks UV rays while hydrating skin and preventing future sun damage)

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Overall, this box was okay, just not up my alley I guess. I do love the brands supergoop, jouer, and stila, so honestly I can’t complain that I got products from all these great, amazing brands. I wish samples were bigger in some products, but it’s just because I love them, and want more lol! For instance, supergoop, it’s one of my favorite sunscreens but so expensive! I will be contacting them regarding the continued repeats in products, and perfume samples though, because it doesn’t seem right, honestly I feel that I should from here on out choose the themed box because I know what I will be getting like I used to do, this mystery stuff always seems to go badly for me. I love seeing what other people got in their boxes, so please share in the comments down below! Thanks for reading, and sorry if I was honest, and not thrilled with the box this month. 

Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. All included photos were taken by myself, others belong to birchbox.

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14 thoughts on “Birchbox July 2015 Review & Unboxing

  1. I’m with you. I hate getting perfume samples. Honestly, only one time in about 5 years did I ever get a perfume sample that I thought “Oh, maybe I should buy that”. (I don’t get subscription boxes, but I mean perfume samples from elsewhere) Bummer. 😕

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  2. This was my second month with Birchbox and I received the Stila all day liquid lipstick. I’m also not a fan of the all day lipsticks because I like something that feels moisturizing. Although I must say the two times I used the Stila I didn’t have any issues. My other products were different (I posted it on my blog). Thanks for the honest reviews! – Traci with blushednpolished

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  3. Aw I’m sorry you didn’t like your BirchBox this month! I like mine! I really like the Supergoop serum. It worked well on my skin, but I agree it is expensive! Great review girl!

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