Love With Food Snack Box June Unboxing (late)

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Well, I guess I could wait for the July box to come since they ship super early in the month, but decided not to because well, I want to eat the snacks now lol!!! I am also filming it late as well, lol, better late than never I guess! Love with food is a new box that I am trying out, since my favorite snack box nibblr is no longer (still totally bummed about it) I wanted to try something different, and grouponl has a deal still going on where I got each box at a discounted rate, so I said why not give it a try 🙂 Okay here is what I paid as writing this the deal is still on groupon, so not sure how much longer it will be on for. There is a one month option to try it out for $9 with a value of $20, I bought a 3 month option at the same price per box, but it doesn’t look like that’s currently being offered any longer 😦 sorry! There is actually a couple different snack subscriptions being offered on groupon right now though, the others are bestowed, hello fresh, and urthbox, none of which I have tried, but may decide to in the future because they all look great! How I found these was I search for “subscription” in the search bar every so often to see if new ones are released, great way to see what is being offered! Yes this subscription was purchased by me, I genuinely wanted to try it out, I do think it’s a bit expensive, but at a discount I feel like it’s a great value for the price. This box features so many great snacks I am really enjoying the selection, and they are mostly healthy snacks as well, which is a great bonus I think! I also think the box I am showing you below is the deluxe box, but I am not positive. If you would like to subscribe or want more info, go to their website, and check it out, or go to groupon to purchase. I don’t have a coupon code or link as of yet for this. Okay let’s get snacking, and checking out what’s inside Love with Food! My favorite thing in the box, was a coupon  for a FREE box of popsicles, yes free, awesome right? They are from a natural brand called ruby rockets, which is a natural healthy brand which is great, that value in itself was $5.99 pretty cool, not gonna say they taste that great because they are fruit, and veggi popsicles, but PERFECT for kids, they wouldn’t taste the difference I am sure, me on the other hand did lol! 

3 different options: (I think they just lowered their prices) 

Tasting Box $7.99

Deluxe Box $15.99

Gluten Free Box $19.99

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Overall, I think this is a pretty good box, I am not sure that it’s worth the regular price of $20 though. I feel like there are a lot of repeats (like 2 of 4 of the products) I feel like their should be more of a variety in my opinion, and maybe a few full size products included, yes I realize that this is a snack box, but still, you know what I mean. I feel like I could get like 4-6 full size snacks instead for the price of $20, but hey I will enjoy the snacks, they are perfect for on the go summer outdoor adventures!!! I love that aspect, perfect snack options is always a huge bonus! I hope their is more of a variety next month! 

Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. All images in this post belong to myself, and love with food.

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