Tester Tuesday: Baby Lips Gloss & Balm By Maybelline w/ Swatches

baby lips

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Hi there lovies! Today is a new post for tester Tuesday!!! Before I get started, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your continued support on my blog! Last tester Tuesday was the last colab for this post, but I will continue to do tester Tuesday posts every week, as from the response, and feedback, I know you guys enjoy these posts, so thank you so much for that, it is truly appreciated. The other bloggers that are no longer joining me for the posts, will still be blogging, just life gets busy, and they needed to do what was best for them, and that’s a great thing, I apologize if my wording came out wrong, I will continue to support of those ladies, and hope that you will as well because they have amazing blogs! 

I decided that because I just bought two of the new maybelline baby lips lip glosses, and four of the baby lips to try out, that I would do my tester tuesday on them. The baby lips just released the lip glosses, I only purchased 2, because ulta was having a buy one get on half off sale, and let’s be real a girl doesn’t need more lip glosses, ha I am a lip junkie, and can’t help it!!!!! I have no room to post it on other days for a while, so decided to take the opportunity to do so, and I have truly been putting these to the test this week, so it’s great timing! I actually am wearing the fab & fuchsia right now testing it when it’s 90 degrees outside to see if it lasts, and stays unsticky! These new lip glosses, and balms are a welcome addition to my lips collection. 

Maybelline’s Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss is 0% sticky with a new, non-sticky way to shine. Caring oils moisturize, smooth, and soften for 4 hours of moisture so lips never feel dry.


Kiss off sticky gloss
Color and shine meets serious care
12 shades in 3 finishes: The Shimmers, The Creams, and The Jellies
100% creamy shine, comfort and Vitamin E

(0.18 oz.)



3e3ce176a3f601f8d7dbfd9c7312b06f My review: Well, why in the world have I waited so long to purchase any of these awesome lippy’s? I will admit, I am not huge on drug store makeup, except some of the higher end drugstore makeup, I know I need to branch out more, and have been, and I am discovering great makeup at an affordable price, that actually works, yeah! The baby lips line from maybelline has always been something that I have had my eye on, and have wanted to try, maybe it’s the cute packaging, or the bright colors, I don’t know lol! Okay, I LOVE the lip glosses, for under $4 these are fantastic, they DO NOT get sticky at all, which is so important to me, I hate sticky lip glosses! The color (at least for the ones I have is VERY sheer, and light, especially the just a glimmer color, but that’s okay because I will wear these over lipstick anyways, but sometimes I do wear lip glosses alone because they are so quick and easy! The smell of these lip glosses is so sweet, like candy or like jolly ranchers, they are the best smelling lip glosses I own that’s for sure, they really nailed it on the scent! They actually smell just like the lip balms which is nice! I wish they were edible lol! Okay, now on to the balms, these are great as well, be warned they are a light wash of color on the lips as well, some barely tinted, but that’s what these are known for, but let me tell you they do stain your lips, and skin. When I did the swatches, they stained my arm which was unexpected, they did wash off after a couple washes though. I thought they kept my lips moisturized, and soft, but were very non sticky as well, which was good. I think these balms will last for a long time because you only have to use a little on your lips at a time, and applies easy! I am definitely becoming a huge fan of these both, glad that I gave them a try!!!

image5 swatches


Disclaimerβ€”-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. All images in this post belong to myself, and Google search. 

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6 thoughts on “Tester Tuesday: Baby Lips Gloss & Balm By Maybelline w/ Swatches

  1. Uh these look very interesting! I have used the baby lips Balms and I love them but I’ve only used the non color ones to keep my lips moisturized! I’m glad that the lip gloss is not sticky because yes I hate that too!

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