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Yeah, it’s that time of the week again, for a fresh new tester Tuesday post. I am late posting this, I can’t believe I have been behind, I have been super busy, and am just now getting around to writing my blog posts for the week, and I have had some computer issues, clearly I need more storage, but hey it will all be okay, lol! So as I am writing this, I am a bit frustrated I will admit, I just have gotten word that 3 of us 5 bloggers who dedicate to doing tester Tuesday, are no longer going to be doing it unfortunately. I won’t get into details, but ya, it’s not easy, but I will continue to post every week regardless. To me, making a commitment, is sticking to it, I have never been a person to give up easily, nor deal with drama, or negativity well. I will be sad to not be colabing with them anymore, and will miss their support but that’s okay, it will all work out. Please continue to support their blogs! I try and stay positive, and happy, I need to, and it’s summer, the sunshine always helps 🙂 I hope you still love these posts, and truly appreciate your continued support on my blog! Anyways, you have my commitment, maybe we can get more bloggers to join, if your interested feel free to let me know, the more the merrier! I chose 2 great things to test out this week, from well known brands, I am loving both of them thus far as I am continuing to use, and enjoy them this week! Let’s check out further details on each of them! 

Urban Decay: Perversion Mascara $22


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What it is:
An ultracreamy, lengthening, and volumizing mascara for stand-out lashes.

What it does:
Perversion glides on easily to instantly create sexy lashes. It has a creamy, full-bodied texture that is not too dry and not too wet to allow just the right amount of pull as it glides through lashes. This formula is not sticky or clumpy, and it contains Hairdensyl, a complex blend of proteins and amino acids that are known to stimulate lash growth. The honey extract provides deep nourishment, sea idrolized elastine stimulates the hair follicle, and marine collagen protects. The high-tech, volumizing brush separates and defines each lash for a clean, clump-free finish, and the triple-black pigments leave them looking intensely black.

3e3ce176a3f601f8d7dbfd9c7312b06f My review: 

This mascara is pretty great. I love the way it applies, the brush instantly makes it effortless. The brush is big, and grabs a lot of product, I found that if you wipe it off a bit it is less clumpy, etc. when applying. I think the formula is the perfect blend, and makes your lashes look full, and beautiful! I love that there are actually healthy ingredients as well in the formula! It definitely added the extra volume I was needing from a mascara, I think it will quickly become one of my holy grail mascaras! 

Fresh: Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil $50


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What it is:
A soothing face oil packed with restorative omegas and seabuckthorn oil to preserve a youthful appearance.

What it is formulated to do:
Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil is a precious blend of pure oils—seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed, and sweet almond—packed with restorative omegas to maintain a youthful appearance. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly for a boost of vital moisture, while vitamin E works to maintain the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. This powerful antioxidant protects the skin from aging free radicals, leaving your complexion soft, smooth, and refreshed.

3e3ce176a3f601f8d7dbfd9c7312b06f My review:

I am a huge fan of face oils, I use them every day in my skincare routine. I have been using oils for about 2 years daily, even though I have very oily skin, they seem to work very well for me. They absorb perfectly into my skin, and leaves my skin feeling very soft, and supple. Oils are a great addition to my skincare routine, and although it seems odd to add oil to oily skin, it works in a way I can’t explain. It’s like the same way a moisturizer would work, yet different. I love them. This oil I have been wanting to try for a while, I love the ingredients, and feel like they would work perfectly with what my skin needs. I love natural ingredients, but it also has to be lightweight, and not sit on top of my skin. I feel like this one is a good one for meeting those expectations, which is great, yeah! I love this oil, but it’s a bit pricey, or else I would definitely purchase the full size, this little sample will last a while, because with oil, a little goes a very long way! You should give oils a try, I highly recommend them!

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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, please come back every Tuesday to check out my reviews for new product samples! Thanks! I believe this week some are still posting on their blogs, but with everything going on at post time, I am not sure, but feel free to go check out their blogs, and show your support as well, as I won’t be linking them anymore. 

Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. All images in this post belong to sephora, myself, and google search.

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23 thoughts on “Tester Tuesday Urban Decay & Fresh

  1. I love how you say that you don’t “deal with drama, or negativity well” and yet you basically made all three of us who can’t do TT anymore sound like bad people who aren’t up to par with your commitment standards. Renee, I wish you all the luck with Tester Tuesday in the future, although I’m very disappointed with how you handled the situation. Commitments are important, yes, but did you ever stop to think that people might be walking through a shit storm in their life? Did you ever stop to think that something like health, or college, or family may be more important to someone than a blog post? I know you feel let down and disappointed, but there is no sense in bashing the rest of us on the internet. Hopefully we can all get past this and still be friends, because we have a wonderful community here that is SUPPORTIVE and kind and understanding, don’t you agree?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did think that. I’m not bashing anyone, just staying positive in my goals, and mindset is all. Sorry if it came out wrong. Life is definitely more important, just trying to stay focused and be successful, I think I do a pretty good job at being supportive. I also have been there done that, no worries, I get it. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, unfortunately it happens to everyone, I love all of your blogs, and will continue to love them. I will continue to try my hardest at being supportive, but it’s tough sometimes I will admit. It was great working with all of you, and believe me this blogging, and youtubing venture HAS NOT been easy, and not everyone likes each other, and that’s okay, as long as I am confident in myself (for once) that’s all that truly matters in the end. I struggle with issues as well, but right now I have to stay positive, as hard as it may be so thank you for your kind words. I’m glad we can all move past this as well, I think we all have different needs, goals, and desires, and are all in different stages in our lives, in the end we all put ourselves first, but that’s what makes us all unique 🙂


  2. Great reviews! Sorry that the others dropped out. I know life can be super hectic and throw some curveballs. I would volunteer (because I love reading your Tester Tuesdays!), but I just can’t commit and my blog is really mostly reviews anyways. 😕 Anyways, keep up the great work!

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  3. Renee,
    I am so sorry that things ended up like this. I will continue to support you and your blog and I hope that you do find a couple of other bloggers to participate in Tester Tuesday with you. I just wanted to say that I know your personality and I know you’re a very upbeat and driven person. Sometimes life hands us too many lemons to handle though. I really don’t want their to be any hard feelings between us. I am all about trying to stay positive but at times I know my limits and for me life is very different. I hope to continue on as friends and I think your blog is amazing! Keep up the great work! ❤ xo I love the Urban Decay Perversion mascara! I would buy another tube of it but it's kind of expensive though I may give in sometime because it's a really great mascara! Great reviews today Renee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No worries, it is what it is, we all have different opinions, and personalities and it’s okay. Thank you for your kind words as well, I never wanted to start this, but I was just being honest, and voicing my thoughts, I have never been one to hide them, it was frustrated but it’s fine. Best of luck to you as well Katie, thank you! Happy blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

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