Birchbox June 2015 Unboxing & Review

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Yeah for an early birchbox box. Sometimes I feel like I am the LAST person to get it every month. I wanted to get this up quickly because it was so early, nice job birchbox! I think this wasn’t the best box. I honestly can’t remember if I picked the themed box or not, but apparently I did because there was a sneak peak video that with every box this month you got a full size eyeko eyeliner. Well, that eyeliner never happened, and birchbox let down a lot of their subscribers this month by not including it. This box was sub par for me, I got another perfume sample, and I seriously DO NOT like perfume samples in my birchbox’s, but oh well it is what it is I guess. I will try and review the box fairly, lol. Let’s get right into it, here is what I got in my box this month, although all of them are high end brands, and expensive, I feel that these samples were small, for example the body cream was literally not even half the tube, definitely not enough to use on more than my arms, bummer for sure! The perfume by oribe smells okay, just it’s a very expensive, luxury brand that I would never purchase the full size of, as I have so many wonderful perfumes in my collection already. The davines I used as a body wash, it annoys me greatly when birchbox only sends a shampoo, or conditioner, they do this for the higher end brands, and is it me or is that just super annoying? I would never use a shampoo without it’s matching conditioner, maybe that’s just my OCD talking? LOL. It did work okay as a body wash, but I would again, never purchase the full size. This month’s box was just a miss for me, but hey not every birchbox can be awesome, so it’s okay. There was a cool offer though this month where you enter a special code to reveal a prize, apparently everyone was a winner, I got 10% off a $50 purchase 😦 Oh well. It was fun to take these pictures outside the ottoman matched the items perfectly, yeah! So cute!

image5 image6

Birchbox June 2015>>>>

Davines: SU Hair & Body Wash

Harvey Prince: Hello Body Cream

Marcelle: BB Cream Golden Glow

Oribe: Cote d’ Azur Eau De Parfum

Real Chemistry: Luminous 3- Minute Peel

Thanks for reading! I will have the video up and link it by the end of the week this week, so be sure to check that out as well! What did you get in your birchbox this month? Was your box better? What prize did you win? I got a whole 10% promo code, bummer! It was fun to play though, I do admit I sure would love to win $1,000 to spend in the birchbox shop!

If you would like to subscribe to birchbox, please search my other previous posts for a better example of what you receive in the box, and please use my link down below, I would greatly appreciate it!


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Disclaimerβ€”-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty.

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18 thoughts on “Birchbox June 2015 Unboxing & Review

  1. I got the Limited Edition BB The Tig as well…I wasn’t a big fan of Tinted Lotion or Shampoo/Body wash but I did LOVE everything else esp. experiencing the Oribe fragrance!! I got 10% for my surprise ( I have been with Birchbox for 3 yrs and the best discounts esp. towards the end of the month are way better than this prize…I wouldn’t mind an extra sample)

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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