Mac Cosmetics Wash & Dry Collection Makeup




Mac Cosmetics: Wash & Dry Collection

So, we all know by now that I am a package junkie, lol, I seriously can’t help it, some really stand out to me, and some doesn’t especially from mac. I also pay a lot of attention to the advertising campaign for each collection as well. This launch, the advertising was so vintage, yet modern, having a hot buff guy is definitely a bonus, nice job mac cosmetics! This collection, along with last collection that released around this time last summer, was one of my favorite packaging ever! That collection was alluring aqua, which is pictured below. I wasn’t able to get anything last year from this collection, honestly I wasn’t really into “collecting” makeup a year ago, oh how blogging has changed things in a year lol! Who’s with me on that? Geesh!


Mac Cosmetics: Alluring Aquatics Collection

I have a large mac collection, and have always loved mac since I was in high school, especially eyeshadows, let’s just say I have 4 full palettes of eyeshadows from mac, ummm ya they are the best, what can I say? Anyways like I said, sometimes these limited edition packaging releases do it for me, and I have to have something from the collection, or multiples like the cinderella collection, but ya this new launch of the wash & dry collection was seriously beautiful, the first leaked picture I saw, my jaw literally dropped! It is seriously so unique, and different for me. I then looked further into the collection, and knew that I loved the refined golden bronzer, it is the most beautiful, and perfect color of bronzer for my skin tone, it is a cult favorite, and has been on my bronzer rotation again since high school, I knew I needed another one, so I figured, why not? This was the only item I purchased from the collection, I am learning to say no, and not get EVERYTHING, lol, it’s hard though, not even gonna lie! 

The bronzer is exactly the same formula, and color I have always loved, and expect from mac, which is important to me, and a lot of people that they are the same, sometimes colors, and formulas vary with re launches, I was really glad that this wasn’t one of them that’s for sure! I think the other bronzers, okay I guess it’s a highlighter looks beautiful as well, but it is VERY orange, and when the cool spray over wears off, your left with a not so pretty orange blush, I am not sure how really wearable it is, definitely not for me, or my skin tone. What were you able to purchase from the collection? What are you eyeing? I think the lipsticks look beautiful as well, having to limit myself was tough for this collection, lol I want it all, but hey, who doesn’t!?





Mac Cosmetics: Bronzer “Refined Golden”

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29 thoughts on “Mac Cosmetics Wash & Dry Collection Makeup

  1. I’m a sucker for pretty or cute packaging (one reason, of many why I’m in love with Asian products). I love the bright, shiny colors on that bronzer. Alas, I’m also having to learn to say no and use what I have first. Wahh 😦 haha!

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