Urban Decay “NAKED SMOKY” new palette sneak peek info & swatches launch summer 2015



Oh my goodness, so while checking my feeds this morning, I came across this sneak peek video, and seriously got really excited. Urban decay is my favorite makeup brand, and I have been waiting patiently for a new palette to release. I am a huge palette junkie, and have all the naked palettes! I squealed with excitement, these sneak peak videos are so fun, and pretty much held my breath the whole time, lol, ya that’s a crazy makeup lover, addict for ya. I guess that’s why I am a beauty blogger/vlogger gotta love it, and really enjoy what I do I guess! So I wanted to get a post up quickly to let everyone know about this amazing, beautiful new palette from urban decay. It took me a while to get a screen shot, so sorry there isn’t a better picture. 

The palette is called naked smoky. I am sure it will be priced right around the other naked palette prices of $52, I would imagine. I think palettes are a great value for all the different eye shadows that you are getting. These colors look absolutely stunning, perfect for the smokey eye look, which is so popular right now, has been for a while now. These urban decay shadows look perfect for creating that perfect smokey eye. I would guess that they will also release complimentary lipstick shades, or eyeliners. It’s so funny that this is just releasing today, because literally yesterday I was swatching the new blushes from urban decay at ulta, they are stunning, oh my! I am in love, and so excited about this palette, I will definitely be getting it as soon as it launches in July, ugh that seems like forever away! Patience is tough when there is makeup to be had!! 

I wanted to mention to not confuse this palette with the original smoked palette from urban decay. This is a different palette, and different colors as well. I heard somewhere that they are no longer selling the smoked palette for this reason, because the new one is launching, makes perfect sense to me! Will you be purchasing this when it launches? Let me know what your thoughts, and opinions are! This palette looks gorgeous, and I so need it in my life! 

The original “smoked” palette>>>>

UD Smoked Palette

Urban Decay: Smoky Palette>>>>


High (New)
Dirtysweet (New)
Radar Metallic brown shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter (Vice 2)
Armor Metallic dove grey with silver micro-glitter shimmer finish (Vice)
Slanted (New)
Dagger (New)
Black Market Jet black satin (Vice)
Smolder (New)
Password (New)
Whiskey (New)
Combust (New)
Thirteen (New)
Dual-Ended Pencil/Crease Brush

Okay, here are the beautiful sneak peek pictures, screenshots! Enjoy! Yes please smoky palette!

The video link from Urban Decay & Xsparkage youtube channel, GO SUBSCRIBE she is amazing! 





Photo Credit: All photos belong to Urban Decay Cosmetics

OMG, my favorite post comments so far!! I seriously love my readers! @CosmeticChaos, girl, I just peeeeeeed too lol! Oh @AbeautifulWhim yep, well I didn’t do that>>>> 

IMG_0412 IMG_0457 2

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35 thoughts on “Urban Decay “NAKED SMOKY” new palette sneak peek info & swatches launch summer 2015

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  2. This palette looks amazing!! I really want it too! Though I also want the other 3 Naked palettes and will be working on getting all of them eventually lol. Urban Decay shadows are so amazing! But you know that already! 😀

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