Tester Tuesday: Herbal Essences “wild naturals” Illuminating starter kit


Hi there, hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend, and got some rest, I know I sure did, sometimes it feels great to just relax, and get things done! Also it was fun to get out and enjoy some nature as well, not much sunshine, more like lots of clouds, but hey I can’t complain, it wasn’t raining! Anyways I hope you all have been enjoying the weekly posts for tester Tuesdays, they have been so fun to do, it’s my favorite blog post during the week. I decided that this week, I needed to back off makeup, and skincare, my face has been extra sensitive lately because I am constantly trying new products, etc. so it definitely needed, and deserved a break. I saw this little kit at target, and loved the way this smelt, so decided it would be perfect for tester Tuesday. I haven’t tried anything from herbal essences in years, but this looked great, and more natural, so I thought I would give it a try.

This is a new product, and I think the illuminating idea is pretty cool. The kit includes 3 items to try out, the samples are actually a pretty good sized as well, so it will last me for more then a week I am sure! It contains shampoo, conditioner, and dry will spray. I am most excited about the oil spray, every time I try out an oil for my hair, I end up loving it, and wanting the full size. Oils work really well for my hair type, which really surprised me because I have a very thick, oily hair. For some reason, it blends well with my hair, and makes it feel very soft, and silky which I love. 

FullSizeRender 2

Included: Ok let’s talk about this kit a bit. It has a beautiful explanation and wanted to copy it from the box lol. It says- Experience an abundance of lush ingredients in a hair care collection that ignited your hair’s natural shine. Our potent illuminating shampoo features hand harvested cassia that nurtures and strengthens your hair against damage while essences of seabird refresh your senses. Follow up with our illuminating conditioner and dry oil spray for a completely brilliant experience. Oh that sounds fancy doesn’t it? Ha ha! They really want you to indulge in an exotic hair experience, and wants it to be a luxurious experience. It sure sounds promising, and nice. 

My review: Oh my goodness, let me tell you how amazing this smells, the smell is so sweet, and soft. The cassia scent is definitely different, it’s woodsy, masculine, yet sweet, it’s hard to explain, but I really like it. This makes my hair very soft, and conditioned. It truly makes my hair feel and smell amazing. It seems shiny, and healthy which I didn’t expect to see such quick real results. The dry oil is the perfect addition to this set of shampoo and conditioner, literally all it takes is a couple sprays throughout your hair, and the scent, and softness lasts all day. It does contain sulfates which I don’t like, and isn’t the best for my hair, kinda a bummer, when it’s advertised as natural 😦

Would I purchase?: The answer is maybe, this set is awesome, I love using the dry oil the best, so I definitely would buy that separately! I am not sure about the sulfate part though in the shampoo, so I most likely wouldn’t purchase it for this reason. I do love the way it smells though, so who knows! 

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Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty.

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13 thoughts on “Tester Tuesday: Herbal Essences “wild naturals” Illuminating starter kit

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  4. Great review! I am so into things that smell good so I probably would love this set! Though I am not big on sulfates in my shampoo either because it’s bad for hair color. Want to hear something funny? I almost did a review on a shampoo and conditioner (that’s not the funny part) but then I realized I had already done a Tester Tuesday review on it a while ago! Lol! I’m losing my mind! Haha! 🙂

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