Tester Tuesday: Bare Minerals & Derma-e


Well, it’s Tuesday again, and that mean’s it Tester Tuesday! Yeah, so I honestly didn’t think I would be able to get this up today, I am literally sitting at a starbucks outside in the sunshine doing this blog post! I actually took the pictures in a planter outside as well, I am sure people thought I was a nut job, oh the dedication of a beauty blogger lol! Posting this early as well, just in case! Wow, I have been so short on time, and am still so behind on blogs, and videos! Last week after I wrote my last post for tester Tuesday, I ended up getting really sick, so that definitely put me even more behind! So playing catch now begins. I have picked two great products to try out this week, again, one from bare minerals, I apologize for the repeated brand so soon again, but I felt that it would be okay for this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks post. Please be a dear and follow me on instagram if you could! 🙂 It’s BLOGTUBEBFLYRENEE check it out, or click on the link to the right of this post! 

Derma-e: Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme SPF 15>>>> $29.95


What it is:

A lightweight daytime moisturizer to help brighten and even skin tone while providing full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Now with clear Zinc Oxide.

My review:

This is a new to me brand, although I do shop for eco-friendly products, I have never used this any products from this brand before. I received this sample in my birchbox. Although there wasn’t much product in this jar, I felt like I was able to judge if I like it or not based on use. I think this moisturizer is just okay, the formula is very thick, and emollient. I think for a day cream (it contains sunscreen) that it is a bit much in my opinion. I feel like this should be a night cream due to formula, and thickness. I like it, the scent is pleasant, and soft, but the way it applies, and soaks into the skin isn’t right for my skin type which is very oily, especially in the t zone areas.

Would I purchase?:

I honestly like this products, but not enough to purchase the full size, it is a bit pricey for the amount of product that you get as well. I will continue to finish up this jar though, and try different products from this brand, because I hear they are awesome, and did receive some products from the company for review purposes as well, so I am excited about that. I just feel that this product isn’t right for my skin type, and needs. 


Bare Minerals: READY Touch Up Veil Powder>>>> $23


What it is:
An innovative concept in solid mineral technology formulated with rejuvenating sea minerals.

What it does:
Created through a unique cold-pressed method, bareMinerals READY™ SPF 15 Touch Up Veil combines its proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex composed of positively charged sea minerals with antioxidants and cold-pressed grapeseed oil—ingredients known to deliver anti aging benefits for softer, smoother skin with sun protection. This formula diffuses the look of imperfections and reduces shine for an airbrushed finish.

My review: 

I absolutely love bare minerals! I have been a huge fan like I have said before of bare minerals for many years. It all started with my love of the original powder foundation. This powder is great for touching up on the go when you are out and about. I got this mini size in a kit at sephora a while ago, that they no longer sell. This was part of a special edition set, so it is silver, and beautiful! I love that it comes with a mini powder puff, for easy, and fast application as well. It works well on my oily skin, it really takes away the shine, with only a little amount applied, it is perfect. It also, has a bit of illuminating ingredients as well, which makes you look bright without shine. 

Would I purchase?:

I actually already have the full size in this! I have both loose powder form, and this form. I actually prefer the pressed powder over the loose because it’s less messy, and seems to apply a lot easier as well. This is another great product from bare minerals, definitely recommend anything from this great brand!


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