“Tester Tuesday” Colab: Glamglow & Jergens

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This week I have some pretty “popular” samples in the beauty world. Both of these products have been really hyped up now, and in the past that’s for sure. I decided that these were both a good pick for this week to do for tester Tuesday. I know that most of you know, or may have used at least one of these products, and I am interested to see what you think. I do these weekly colabs every week with my fellow bloggers Katie & Kailey, please check out the links below for their products for the week for tester Tuesdays, and show some support! Thanks, hope you enjoy this weeks products, I enjoyed, as usual, testing them out! 

Glamglow: Youthcleanse daily exfoliating cleanser>>>> $39


What it is>>>>

A daily cleanser that transforms from mud into a foaming lather to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and renew skin to create a more youthful-looking, glowing complexion.

YOUTHCLEANSE™ is a revolutionary Mud to Foam™ daily cleanser that combines the power of mud and the performance of foam for an innovative cleansing experience. It transforms into a gentle and effective foaming lather that dissolves makeup and impurities while removing dead surface cells.

It is formulated with Brazilian superfruits acai, guarana, and acerola to provide potent antioxidants and flaxseed and quinoa, which are rich in omegas 3, 6, and 9 for stronger, healthier-looking skin. French sea clay revitalizes skin, microalgae scrub and phytic acid extreme gently exfoliate, and TEAOXI® green tea leaf delivers EGCG super antioxidants to protect against free radicals—working with ground ginkgo biloba leaf to optimize the skin’s natural renewal process. YOUTHCLEANSE™ helps to maintain the results of your current weekly GLAMGLOW® treatments.

My review>>>>

I absolutely love the ingredients in this product, the super fruits make it not only smell delicious, but really makes it feel like you are doing something good for your skin. The sample packet only lasted 2 uses, which was enough I think, for me to get a good feel if I like it or not. I am gonna say that I did like it, but I think it is way over priced for the amount of product that you actually get, don’t let the package fool you…… which I think is pretty cleaver on the full size product, but still. I do think that you could maybe see some great results from using this cleanser daily. I am a girl who loves a foaming face wash, and believe me I wish I knew why, but if it doesn’t foam, then I just feel as though my skin isn’t getting properly cleansed. I have very oily, combination skin, due to being on retina-a for my acne scars. It really just depends on the day whether different cleansers will work with my skin type to be honest. I exfoliate 3-4 times per week, and I think this would be perfect for that, but I have other cheaper options that I like to use already. I don’t think this one from glamglow is worth the hype for the money.

Would I purchase?>>>>

At this time I am going to go with no, only because it is a bit pricey for the amount of product that you get. Overall, I do like it though, but not willing to spend the money, because there is cheaper options in my opinion. 

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Jergens: BB body cream>>>> $9.99


What it is>>>>

BB GOES BODY. JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. The 1st BB Body Cream in the U.S., this breakthrough product goes beyond moisturization to provide 5 visible skin perfecting benefits in 5 days.
1. Hydrates
2. Illuminates
In Just Five Days:
3. Evens
4. Firms
5. Corrects
JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is specially formulated for two skin tone ranges: All Light Skin Tones and All Medium to Deep Skin Tones. Each Jergens® BB Body formula is specially designed to addresses the specific needs pertaining to lighter and deeper skin.

My review>>>>

I know this is a really good product, and a lot of people love it, so I will try, and keep that in mind! This tube was enough for one use on my entire body, which was great. I feel like it moisturized very well, and glided on smoothly onto my skin. I love the scent, it’s a great combination of fresh, and vanilla, and really lingers on your skin, after use for hours. The scent is actually my favorite thing about this lotion. I think this product has a lot of claims though that it doesn’t quite fullfill. I knew when this was released, that it had a lot to live up to, as this was a brand new concept in body lotion. Jargens pushed this product, and now it has tapered off a bit. I do not think that it does anything except moisturize my skin, and make it feel soft, and smooth. I think that it does nothing for the 5-in-1 claims that it was designed for. I didn’t really see any difference in concealing spots, firming, or color correcting at all. I don’t know, maybe with more time I would change my mind, but I think with a product like this, everyone is looking for it to stand up to what the claims are. 

Would I purchase?>>>>

I am going to have to say no on this. I am saying no, due to the fact that it just doesn’t work, I like the smell, and the way it moisturizes, but it doesn’t fit my needs for a BB cream for the body.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried either of them? 

Katie’s blog: https://plusbeautykatie27.wordpress.com/

Kailey’s blog: http://somedaysunny.com/

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Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty.

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6 thoughts on ““Tester Tuesday” Colab: Glamglow & Jergens

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I’m wary about any “BB” for the body. However, I AM a huge fan of the regular, old school, original scent of Jergen’s moisturizer. It keeps my old skin nice and preps it very nicely for the Jergen’s self tanner. As far as daily exfoliating cleansers–honey, just get a facecloth and rub lightly. Inexpensive and does the job! Great reviews!

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