The Me, You & Us Journey

So apparently I’m pretty inspiring! My sister started a blog, please follow her in her amazing journey, and inspirations! She’s an amazing writer, so please go and follow her, and show support, love, and envouragement. You will be seeing some re blogging and us working together in the future I’m sure 🙂 love my sister (s) to pieces!

The Me, You and Us Journey

I recently picked up a book called “Where will you be five years from today?” by Dan Zadra from my book shelf, suddenly feeling motivated for change. The book is meant to ease you into creating a 5 year plan for yourself so that you make the next 5 years the best ones yet and not just another 5 years past. I’m a sucker for this type of thing. It’s full of powerful quotes and questions to really get you thinking. It’s meant to chip away at the ice on that ol’ box of goals you had stored away in your brain that sometimes creates a beautiful swan design depending on your preference. As I sipped my coffee this morning while looking out into this new city of roses I am determined to defeat, I kept having the reoccurring thought of a goal of mine that was buried deep,very deep…

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