Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick review “REDRUM”

Jeffree Star just launched his own makeup up line, awesome right? If you are unfamiliar with him, or the line, let me fill you in! Jeffree Star is an American model, fashion designer, makeup artist, DJ, and singer-songwriter residing in Beverly Hills, California. He is most definitely different, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, for that I apologize, but I urge you to keep an open mind. This is the way I live my life, so if you are offended in any way please accept my apologies. Okay now that we have that out of the way, can you we just appreciate this beautiful lipstick? This was a gift, for my beautiful sister, what a great gift. When she started opening it, I recognized it right away, and was like NO WAY! I knew exactly what it was at first sight. I learned of this line about a month ago, and I knew how popular it would be. He is followed by millions, and is a true celebrity. I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks. The pigmentation is amazing, and they really stay put for hours. My sister only got the red color, which is called, redrum. This lipstick apparently is the most popular color, and is currently sold out, but they are restocking currently. The lipsticks are $18 each, and I’m not sure how much shipping is. They only come in 3 colors, which are, i’m royalty (BLUE), prom night (PINK), and redrum (RED). These are the only makeup items that is has launched thus far, so not sure if there will be more to come, I’m sure there will be! These colors are not for everyone, and are VERY bold, thus why my little sister was the perfect recipient, because she rocks red lips almost daily, I on the other hand do not, ha ha! I think that these lipsticks are beautiful and I was really impressed by not only the packaging, but the true, amazing smooth application, pigmentation, and colors as well. They apply perfectly to the lips, without lip liner or a gloss over. They do not budge one bit! I recommend giving these a try, as I am sure the rest are bound to sell out soon as well. I would personally LOVE the purple color, wow it is stunning! Check out the website, for more information, or to order!



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jeffjeff1 jeff33 Colors Velour Liquid Lipstick>>>>

I’m Royalty, Prom Night, Redrum

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