Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

I have seen this starter kit from sally hansen around, and have really wanted to try and see if it works. I have always been a fan of sally hansen nail polish. My mother has always worn the exact same color and brand for over 30 years from sally hansen, pretty amazing I know, but it taught me at a very young age to love pretty nails. I have always loved painting my nails, but I am very open to any color and love pinks! Ever since shellac was introduced I loved it, but have to admit that I only tried it twice due to cost, so when I saw this new kit come out that required the same lasting qualities that shellac has I had to give it a try. This kit that includes the miracle gel color and the miracle gel top coat retails for $14.99, which isn’t bad at all, and you can purchase a huge variety of colors to buy individually. They are continuing to come out with new unique colors, which is so fun. I love pink nail polish so I wanted to try this kit out for myself. The name of the pink is #310 “shock wave” it’s a pretty bubblegum pink with very light flecks of sparkle and shimmer. It may be a bit bright for some, but I love it. The formula is thicker than usual nail polishes, but I think with more practice anyone can get used to it. It is a bit messy, I am hoping my mistakes will wash off easily as well. Please take in account this was my first attempt, thank you. I really hope that it last for the 2 weeks that it says it does! I will definitely be adding more colors soon as well. The box came with a $2 off coupon, yeah!

Sally Hansen miracle gel kit: The ONLY TRUE 2-STEP GEL MANICURE with no light needed. Over 45 shades that wow! And it’s only from Sally Hansen. Leading the revolution in gel technology.

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel™ Color

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel™ Top Coat

OMGel! Let natural light do the rest! Check out for more information.

UPDATE:: The polish did last for about a week and a half, not the two weeks as it was meant to, but it didn’t chip and looked beautiful, I have since bought two more colors, they are beautiful and do last longer than normal polishes!


miracle1 miracle2
They even cleaned up nicely on their own this is day 3 still perfect nails! Yeah!


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