Influenster #GoVoxBox Review

The influenster #GoVoxBox review box I received this from influenster for free for reviewing purposes. I was so excited that I qualified for this box! What a great box, I believe that this is my 3rd box to review that I have been sent for free to review from influenster. If your not familiar with influenster it is a reviewing website where they send you themed boxes chosen at random if you qualify for review. I qualified for this box called the govoxbox. Yeah! Here is it and I love and will use everything that is inside, which is definitely a plus! This has been one of my favorite boxes to review thus far that I received from them and one of the better ones that I have seen that others are getting as well. One of my favorite items in this box is the profoot pedi-rock. It works awesome on my tired, worn out, rough feet heels. I live in flip flops in the summer and this product has been amazing at making my feet smooth again.

Products received:

{Profoot triad orthotic} (These 3 zone orthotics are helpful in relieving leg, knee and back pain, providing easy, gentle comfort)

{Profoot pedi-rock} (It’s the first of it’s kind to offer soft foot file experience, which uses silicon carbide crystals to remove calluses in a quick, fast, amount of time)

{Playtex sport fresh balance tampons} (These tampons are designed to neutralize odors)

{Blue diamond fruit flavored almonds} (These fruit flavored almonds have a great sweet fruity taste)

{Muller greek corner yogurts} (This packs a delicious blend of silky, smooth, flavorful yogurt)

{Aqua spa relax collection bath salts} (Provides a hydrating beauty boost to help you relax and fill your bath with a blissful experience while bathing)

{Vitamin shoppe next step drink mixes} pack of 3 (Great drink shake mixes in a variety of flavors to provide the nutrition that anyone could need)

{Vitamin shoppe jax sport mixer bottle} (This bottle is amazing, it provides great mixing power for shaking any kind of drink of shake, or on the go)


Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of Nene’s reviews, freebies, and beauty. I did receive this box from influenster complementary to review and provide my personal opinions.

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