Popsugar Special Edition Resort Must Have Box **I won it** prize :)

Yes, you read that title correct, I WON this amazing popsugar resort box, pretty cool right? I sure think so, and feel so lucky and thankful that I won this amazing box! I love popsugar, but have yet to subscribe, just because it’s a bit expensive every month, and have many other boxes that I subscribe to every month. One night I was watching unboxing videos for popsugar special edition boxes, and this new “resort” box was my absolute favorite box, because it was perfect, I knew I would use and love everything in this one. I realized that I missed my opportunity to purchase it, retail price was $100, which included shipping. Wow, that’s a lot of money for not knowing what your getting! They did put out a spoiler for this, which was the turkish towel, but the rest was a mystery. Anyways, I loved this box. I am subscribed to the channel (thebusybeebuzz) on youtube, Jen is adorable, and so fun to watch! She did an unboxing of this special edition resort box and at the very end of the video, she stated that she was giving one of these boxes away in her giveaway. The rules were simple, I just had to go to her blog (organizedjen) and enter. I honestly thought there was NO WAY that I would win, but decided to follow her blog and enter anyways. Well about a week later, I received a personal email from Jen herself, telling me that I had won!!!!! To my surprise with over 5,000 entries, I was the winner!!!! I was SO excited and happy that I had won, I couldn’t believe it, and I wanted this box so bad! Fast forward a couple weeks, and my box arrived, yeah! I seriously am so thankful to have won her prize and love everything in this box, I also decided that because everything was amazing in this resort box, that I should purchase the summer box from popsugar, the spoiler for that one is 2 beauty items from the brand tarte, which is my number 1 favorite beauty makeup brand, so I just had to purchase it! This prize made me simply fall in love with popsugar, and I will most likely be subscribing soon. The value of these special edition boxes are always way over the $100 purchase price, and are an amazing value and selection of products. The fun of not knowing what is in the box is SO fun and exciting! My favorite in this box is the smashbox eye liner, it is so fun and different, it just is beautiful! Thank you so much to Jen for this amazing prize I greatly appreciate it. I still am in awe that I won, so thank you! 🙂

If you would like to subscribe to popsugar or buy the new special edition box “summer” please use my link: http://popsu.gr/taQH

Jen’s youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBusyBeeBuzz

Popsugar special edition “resort” box—-


Epicuren discovery tropical lave—-


Salty road salt water taffy—-


Smashbox cosmetics the santigolden age double-ended limitless eye liner—-


Clark’s botanicals cellular lifting moisture mist—-


Sisco berluti bracelet stack—-


R.B. of Mcd #2 clutch—-


Cuyana turkish towel—-


Disclaimer—-This is a personal blog for reviewing purposes, and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews, if I received them for free I will say. All reviews represent the opinion of Bflyrenee’s reviews, and beauty. 

 Please check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bflyrenee/videos


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